Who Doesn’t Love Microbreweries?

We love microbreweries and some of our favourites are right in our own area.  Having said that, when we travel, we always search out and drink at area breweries.  

Wildcard Brewery Trenton, Ontario Well what do you know? A brewery right where we live that we like! One of my favourite IPAs called Notoriously Juicy is from this brewery and Clint sure likes their darker beers. Great spot and great people.

Bandit Brewery Toronto, Ontario This is one of our favourite breweries. We have not been to the actual location yet but we plan to go at some point this year. Our son and daughter-in-law live in Toronto so we will make a trip there when we visit them. The first we heard of this brewery was a couple of years ago at the first Covid Christmas. Our son sent us a box of their beer for a Christmas present as we weren’t seeing people then due to lockdowns. We really enjoyed it and have since ordered a couple of times from them. They have a lot of IPAs to choose from and I can’t think of one that I don’t like, they are all really tasty. Clint enjoys their Stouts, they have a lot of Bourbon Barrel Aged Stouts. Plus if you get to their brewery, which has a lovely outdoor patio, judging by their photos, you get to visit Toronto. This is another of my favourite cities, so much to do and see, it’s a great vacation spot.

Parsons BreweryPicton, Ontario    This is becoming a favourite of ours.  We stop there when we head to The County.  They have a great selection of beer and particularly Stouts which my husband enjoys. They have a great venue and lots of room outside with picnic tables, a firepit, play area for kids and more. They have a great food menu and offer it in vegetarian and vegan as well. We were there the other day and had some great Butter Chicken Empanadas and Sweet Potato Tostados, both priced at $16.00.

Signal Brewing Company Corbyville, Ontario   This is a fantastic location.  They renovated the old Corbyville Distilleries and made it into a brewery/restaurant.  They did leave as much original as possible and it’s a fantastic venue.  Beautiful brick walls and a terrific view out of their many windows.  Set on the Moira River, they have a wonderful outdoor seating area right on the water.  Richard, the owner is a super nice man and it’s always a pleasure to talk with him.  I really like the Firewire IPA. The food is okay, a lot of people have told me they think it’s quite expensive but I thought for the most part, their prices were reasonable and in line with other restaurants.  For example, a bowl of soup and a half flatbread were $12; just a bowl of soup was $6.  I think their entrees might be a little overpriced but you know, you aren’t eating there every day.  I do love this spot and will definitely be making it a place to drop in on for an afternoon.

Split Rail Brewing Company  –  Manitoulin Island, Ontario  The owner was super friendly and we loved the building and location. They make a beer using a local berry, Hawberry.  Which I have to admit I had never heard of before.  It’s called Hawberry Ale and was a pretty good darn beer !  We enjoyed that one and they also had a stout, lager and another ale.  Maybe by now they have expanded their collection.  I believe they were going to do renovations on their building as well.

Half Pints Brewing Company –  Winnipeg, Manitoba    They were doing renovations inside when we were there but they did have a trailer set up outside for purchases.  It may be changed now, but when we there in September 2016, the province of Manitoba had a law that there were to be no tastings in the microbreweries.  Say What Now?  So we had to buy a 12 pack of a variety of their brews to try.  Well, we didn’t HAVE to but you know, we love microbreweries !

Barley Days Brewery   –  Picton, Ontario     Not sure how long this brewery has been around…….well seems like forever.  They have several types of beer and do seasonal brews as well.  Some of our favourites are the Royal George Brown Ale, Loyalist Lager, Wind and Sail Dark Ale, and Harvest Gold Pale Ale.  During maple syrup season (March) they brew a maple beer !

Churchkey Brewery Campbellford, Ontario  Great beer and their brewery is awesome.  John Graham founded the brewery in 2000 and it’s located in an 1878 Methodist Church on the outskirts of Campbellford, Ontario.  Every time I go to a beer event, he’s there !  They also have a terrific spring revival the first weekend in May every year.  Lots of beer, food and music.  Some great bands and a fun time if you are in the area.  They have a beer called Holy Smoke (a Scotch Ale) which is a great name for a beer made in an old church!  They also have a nice ale and several others.

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