Duluth, Minnesota

dscn4289When we arrived at Duluth, Minnesota, we chose Indian Point Campground to stay at.  We had a great site, #66, at the back of the park.  We met the people next to us, they were from Indiana and had the cutest little dog named Murphy. This campground was conveniently located to everything; it was a great spot.


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Winnipeg, Manitoba


I finally found my Pelicans !  We had been told there were pelicans at Caliper Lake Provincial Park Ontario.  We did not see them; not saying they weren’t there or would never be there, but they were not there when WE went.  But if you go to the Red River Dam near Lockport, Manitoba, then Holy Pelicans !  There they were; hundreds of them, all fighting with the cormorants and fishermen for fish.   They are pretty cute and look a tad prehistoric !

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Rushing River Provincial Park

rushing riverRushing River Provincial Park is a beautiful park.  We arrived on 6 September 2016 and there was hardly anyone at the park.  I would say less than 20 sites were taken.   She gave us site 75 which she said was the nicest and it was !  We were overlooking Dogtooth Lake.  Beautiful spot.  FYI – This park is only 2-3 hour drive  to Winnipeg.

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Caliper Lake Provincial Park

siteWell I guess I should say something about Caliper Lake Provincial Park.  We arrived here early afternoon one day and it was raining and we were only staying one night so…….what can I say?  I came here to see pelicans as Caliper Lake is known for pelicans; but we didn’t see any.  So don’t mind me, I think I am annoyed at the pelican-less state of this park !

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Quetico Provincial Park


Quetico Provincial Park is yet another park I have always wanted to go to.  This Park is a back country/paddlers heaven.  There is a campground but only about 100 sites.  However, for back country people there are over 2000 sites and over 2200 lakes.  Not bad eh?  Here is Trum sitting with an Inukshuk we made; he and I like to make Inukshuks wherever we go.

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Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park

kakabeka falls

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park has 3 campgrounds but only one was open for camping; this was the end of August so it was not off-season.  They have really nice campsites at this park.  A few trails to hike and one trail to bike plus the campground itself you can bike. We had a hummingbird, a cedar waxwing and a northern flicker come into our site !

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