Gettysburg May 2019

So we have been spending the last few days in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. We have been touring battle sites , going to museums and a whole lot of other things! We also drove about an hour from here to see where the battle of Antietam occurred. Approximately 23,000 men were killed in a 12 hour battle. So sad this area is beautiful and it’s horrific to think of what happened in the early 1860s. They’ve done a great job with the Gettysburg national military Park. The monuments the grounds everything is just so well done. The park rangers are great to listen to and they know every detail rate down to the time of every event that occurred. During the three fateful days of July 1-3, 1863.

The old part of the town of Gettysburg is quite something to walk around. They have a lot of buildings that were here during that time, all have a bronze plaque by their front doors stating this fact.

We did a double Decker bus tour of the battlefields with our guide telling us every detail as we went along the roads. We also drove the battlefield roads a few times by yourselves. So much history here.

I only have my phone to work with for doing my blog. I’m going to try to put a few things on and will update when we get home and I can download pictures from my camera.

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