Hello !  My name is Trum and I travel all over with my 2 favourite people parents .  We like to do photography, canoe, hike, bike and a multitude of other activities.  Ontario Parks are the best and we spend a lot of time in them.  Camping and traveling to over 60 Parks in Ontario should give you the idea that we are serious about our love for the Parks !  Enjoy our travel stories and photographs and have some fun learning about our travels in Canada and Beyond.  (FYI –  I can’t type so I leave this blog to Susan to write)  


P.S.  –  It is surprising how many people think I’m cute and this is a cute idea; I’m a really good ice breaker and it helps us meet new people.  And of course, it makes them laugh, which is a good thing.

P.S. AGAIN  – in case you are wondering, I was given to my people mom by her friend Denise.  That was a few years ago and it was decided I should travel with them wherever they go.  And so I live in our truck, sometimes our car, and travel all over the country, as well as locally.  Because I live in a truck (mostly) and I’m a monkey……….TRUck and Monkey put together spell TRUM !  Clever eh?   I am probably the best traveled stuffed monkey in the world !