Hello, my name is Susan and my husband and I live in Ontario, Canada and we travel all over with Trum, our stuffed monkey in tow.  That’s how the name of the Blog came about.
Our hobbies are photography, canoeing, hiking, biking, camping and a multitude of other activities.  We also love microbreweries and wineries and good food!
We travel all over North America and sometimes beyond.
Wildlife photography is a passion of mine and I love to get out and see whatever wildlife I can see.  We spend a lot of time in Algonquin Park and see a lot of bears and moose and other wildlife.  I still get excited when I see a squirrel in our backyard. 
My husband loves photography and has been doing it all his life.  He has a wonderful eye when it comes to taking photos and he has a website showcasing his photos. Click on the link to see his work.  /www.pbase.com/clint_guy
We do love Ontario Provincial Parks; they are the best and we spend a lot of time in them. Camping and traveling to over 60 Parks in Ontario should give you the idea that we are serious about our love for the Parks.   But we also travel to many other places.  We have been to every province in Canada (more than once) and one territory (Yukon).  We have also traveled to several US states including Alaska, Michigan, South Dakota, Montana, Oregon, Washington State, Texas, Arizona, Virginia and more.  Most recently we traveled to India in November 2018.
I spend a lot of time on my Blog so I am thrilled when others enjoy it!  So I hope you find my travel stories and photographs entertaining and have some fun learning about our travels.   You can contact me via comments or go to my Contact page and email me.
I also have a Facebook page, TrumsTravels and can be found on Instagram at Susan_Guy.  Thanks for taking a read and a look…
As you can see by his tee-shirt, he drinks well with others

P.S.  –  Trum is  a really good ice breaker and it helps us meet new people.  And of course, it makes them laugh, which is a good thing.  You would be surprised how many microbreweries he gets invited in to! 

P.S. AGAIN  – in case you are wondering, I received Trum from my friend Denise.  That was a few years ago and it was decided he would be a good travel companion and lots of fun. 

I have been asked how he got his name so because he lives mostly in our truck and he is a monkey ………TRUck and Monkey put together spell TRUM !  Clever eh?   He is probably the best traveled stuffed monkey in the world !

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