Algonquin Park – June 2016 – REVISITED

I haven’t been out anywhere to be able to put anything of interest on my Blog.  So, I went back to June 2016 and am re-posting this Blog post.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Algonquin Park (Ontario, Canada)  and we spend a few weeks every year there, in all seasons.

This was one my favourite trips there.  Now the old fox in the photo below (he’s on the right) passed away about a month ago.  He was amazing to photograph and he was an amazing Dad.  That is one of his kits on the left.

Anyways Enjoy!   Hope to get back out there one day !

foxes at water

I love Algonquin Park in the spring !   I love seeing all the babies, they are on the trails, on the rivers and in the woods!  And quite often the loons are still sitting on their eggs.  So we finally were able to secure site 77 at Lake of Two Rivers.  We have always wanted to try this site.  Very big, on the water (but not really good water access) private except on one side is a valley area of bush between us and the sites on the southwest side.  We had a few people tromping through that bush and ending up in our site !    Happened more than you would think lol.  And they always look surprised as if our 20 foot trailer and truck are invisible !

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Algonquin Park – 12 – 25 June – Summer 2018 – REVISITED


So here we are, all housebound.  I have not been anywhere lately nor have I been out taking photos so I thought I’d revisit some old posts that people might enjoy.   This is an old one from 2018 but if you are new to my Blog OR just didn’t see it, then today is your lucky day!

This is the month we met the Mom Bear and 4 cubs in Algonquin park.  What a great time.

DSC_9475 - Copy_251

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Deciding whether to do Photos in B&W or Colour……………..

Well seeing as we are all housebound until the apocalypse is over………..I have been doing spring cleaning, crafts, reading, scanning old slides and many other things to keep busy.

One thing I was  doing was looking through photos and really liked some of my B&W photos.  I got curious and started to compare the same photo done differently.

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