Kitty Hawk, North Carolina – Big Trip 2019

Wednesday 5 June – sunny with a high 28-30 Celsius today.    We left Williamsburg and got to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in about four hours.  The States are pretty close together, doesn’t take long to get from one to another.   Not like the provinces in Canada.

Side Note  –  Here are some key facts about Ontario’s geography, which is where I live.  The longest east-west distance in Ontario is 1,568 kilometres (974 miles). The longest north-south distance is 1,691 kilometres (1,050 miles).  It would take 24 hours of non-stop driving to get across the province of Ontario.  And Ontario is not even our largest province or territory.  Quebec is our largest.

LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-12

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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – Big Trip 2019


LR Exported Gettysburg PA-17
A battlefield in Gettysburg

Well it’s May 22nd and only 16-18 C but Sunny!  16 Celsius would be about 60 Fahrenheit.   We left at 9 in the morning and sadly we hit construction on I-81.  So slow.  Except for stopping for gas we headed straight to Gettysburg.  We stayed at Gettysburg Campground (Good Sam), site 221.  This is a nice park, very clean.  The owner told us this is the American Memorial  weekend coming up and he said lots of parks would be booked up.  We  were going to stay here 2 nights, leaving Friday but a bad idea with the long weekend coming up.  We have a nice spot, way at the back and private and quiet.  We set up, which takes about 20 minutes or less.  We have done this thousands of times and we have a routine now to unhook and set up everything.

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