The “BIG TRIP” 2019

Clint and I went on a long trip, again,this year.  We left May 21st and returned home September 28th.   We were only home a few days and then left again for Algonquin Park for two weeks.  But……..that’s another story.   I did post some items while on our trip to my Trums Travels Facebook page.  It was very difficult to post on a small phone while traveling.  Normally, I just wait until we get home after a trip and update my Blog.  I prefer doing it at home as  I can edit and post more photos.  And I can also put more detailed information and website links.  I am going to do a Blog page for each City we stopped at along our trip.  Makes it easier for me to write and people to read.   So Enjoy !

So, in a nutshell, our trip this year was 28,565 kilometres, 133 days, 50 campgrounds, 5 Canadian provinces, 16 U.S. states and one Federal District (Washington DC).

LR Exported Hobbie PA-4

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Enchanted Night Market – December 2019

Elton Rohn !

I live in a country environment, located between two cities….. Say now that would make a great tale !

But I digress…………the city to the East of me is Belleville   and this is the first year they had an Enchanted Night Market. 

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