Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 10 – 2010

Alq Aug 2010_56
One of the portage access points.  Easy Peasy………….

So this year we are heading to a whole new part of the Park, how exciting is this !  We were told about a wonderful site on Kioshkokwi Lake (Kiosh for short) which is located in the north east area of the Park.  My sister read in a book that this site is the jewel of Algonquin Park.  The guy writing the book is a LIAR.  lol   anyways it’s about a five hour drive from where we live.

Because we had a long day getting there, we decided to camp right on Kiosh

Alq Aug 2010_694

Nothing like paddling in the rain !

The campsites on this lake, and I’m just gonna say it, suck.  Period.   We got what we thought was one of the better ones but it wasn’t.

Alq Aug 2010_367
This is a view of our site from the water
Alq Aug 2010_369
See the little crooked tent?  That’s our tent, was no fun sleeping on a slippery slope !
Alq Aug 2010_372
This was a beautiful area
Alq Aug 2010_391
Lots of marshy areas
Alq Aug 2010_653
Some kind of little alien bug
Alq Aug 2010_686
Another great portage access !
Alq Aug 2010_689
Having a rest between portage trips

Alq Aug 2010_690

Alq Aug 2010_691
Finally, I think I’m near the end

Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 9 – 2009

So here we are again, going back to Carcajou Bay off Grand Lake.  We like this area and no portages to get to our campsite.  So that’s a bonus.  Just a little paddle in site and we can even take more stuff, cause you can never have too much stuff !

Alq canoe 08_15_2009 14
My sister and her husband

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Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 8 – 2008

This year we are doing a longer trip, putting in at Opeongo Lake and heading to Crow Lake.  Opeongo is the largest lake in Algonquin Park with a total area of 58 km2 (22.4 sq mi), average depth 14.6 m (48 ft) and maximum depth 49.4 m (162 ft). Opeongo has three arms, north, west and south.  We are heading to the North arm.

Opeongo Lake has a store, canoe/kayak/gear rentals and also water taxis.  If you aren’t familiar with water taxis, you can hire someone with an actual boat, WITH A MOTOR,  to take you and your canoe/kayak to another part of the lake.  Much faster, saves a lot of time and because the water on some of these big lakes can be very rough, it is safer.  I am pretty sure I have mentioned more than 53 times, I hate paddling on big lakes.  We are experienced canoeists but I still don’t like to paddle certain lakes and this is one of them.   This particular lake has had many drowning deaths on it.  As recently as 2014, four canoeists capsized.  Two made it to shore and two drowned.  Extremely sad for the families.  Just be safe when canoeing or doing any kind of boating and wear your lifejackets.

All our gear, just waiting for our water taxi


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