Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 10 – 2010

Alq Aug 2010_56
One of the portage access points.  Easy Peasy………….

So this year we are heading to a whole new part of the Park, how exciting is this !  We were told about a wonderful site on Kioshkokwi Lake (Kiosh for short) which is located in the north east area of the Park.  My sister read in a book that this site is the jewel of Algonquin Park.  The guy writing the book is a LIAR.  lol   anyways it’s about a five hour drive from where we live.

Because we had a long day getting there, we decided to camp right on Kiosh

Alq Aug 2010_694

Nothing like paddling in the rain !

The campsites on this lake, and I’m just gonna say it, suck.  Period.   We got what we thought was one of the better ones but it wasn’t.

Alq Aug 2010_367
This is a view of our site from the water
Alq Aug 2010_369
See the little crooked tent?  That’s our tent, was no fun sleeping on a slippery slope !
Alq Aug 2010_372
This was a beautiful area
Alq Aug 2010_391
Lots of marshy areas
Alq Aug 2010_653
Some kind of little alien bug
Alq Aug 2010_686
Another great portage access !
Alq Aug 2010_689
Having a rest between portage trips

Alq Aug 2010_690

Alq Aug 2010_691
Finally, I think I’m near the end
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