Algonquin Back Country Canoe Trip – August – Summer 2018


So we headed out to do an Interior Canoe trip or Back Country trip or holy cow you’re crazy trip……..whatever you want to call it.  We were up and out of our house by 615 am and drove to Algonquin Park to the Smoke Lake parking lot.  We unloaded the canoe and all our gear from the truck; loaded it all into the canoe and we were on the water and away by 9:50 a.m.

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Wheatley Provincial Park 5 – 14 August – Summer 2018

Clint and Willie

It’s Clint’s birthday today! Happy Birthday ! And it’s stupid hot out, It’s 40 plus celsius and we are packing up and leaving Rondeau Provincial Park for Wheatley Provincial Park.

We had reserved a Premium site, you know it’s premium when you camp by a marsh, lol


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Rondeau Provincial Park – 2 – 5 August – Summer 2018


This will be our first time camping at Rondeau Provincial Park.  We have driven through the park before but not to stay.  So here goes !

Located in southwestern Ontario, Rondeau is the second oldest provincial park  established in September 1894.   I was surprised about this but Google doesn’t lie, does it?   The park is on an 8 km long sand spit on Lake Erie.   I was reading about this sand spit and apparently this one, and there is one in Florida,  are the only two of it’s kind in all of North America.  Pretty unique I’d say.  Another thing about this park is that there are lots of cottages right in the park.  Very strange layout.  Very big park and you pretty much need a bike or vehicle to get around.

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