Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 2 – 2001/2002

2001  –  Clint and I met in 2001 and started dating.  Later that same year,  he asked if I wanted to go on an interior canoe trip.  I had never been on a back country trip before so it was all new to me.  But I was game and so we planned our trip.

Look how nervous I look ! lol

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Signal Brewery – Maple Frolic Craft Beer Festival

Saturday 9 March, after we left Presquile, we headed to Signal Brewery for their Festival.  We had pre-purchased our tickets and headed out back to the booths.  The booths were all set up along the Moira River behind the buildings.  Signal Brewery was open as was Henry’s.

PRESQUILE AND SIGNAL 2019 LR Exported-71_1565

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