Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 2 – 2001/2002

2001  –  Clint and I met in 2001 and started dating.  Later that same year,  he asked if I wanted to go on an interior canoe trip.  I had never been on a back country trip before so it was all new to me.  But I was game and so we planned our trip.

Look how nervous I look ! lol

Clint had a lot of equipment already so we got it all ready to go.  We packed up some food, a tent and sleeping bags and off we went.

This first trip we went into Booth Lake, located in Algonquin Park, not too many portages.  We had an okay site on an island and set up.  These photos are not great, we didn’t take camera gear with us, actually back then……I didn’t have any camera gear.  So we have what we have……..

The first night there, we were intruded upon by a rogue raccoon who climbed up the tree that our food was hanging from and somehow got into the bag.  He didn’t eat too much though !  Just our liquid eggs, our oatmeal, our granola bars…………..Okay so he pretty much ate through all our breakfast foods but he didn’t come back.  Okay so there wasn’t anything left for him to eat but you always have to look on the bright side.

I think we only went for 3 or 4 nights but it was a great introduction for me to back country camping and I got the bug !


I must say that back then there were not a lot of people doing this type of camping.  Now though, holy cow, it’s like Grand Central Station at some of these lakes, actually most of the lakes.


2002  –  After this trip, I had mentioned to my sister that we had gone and she had also just started doing this type of camping.  The four of us planned a trip together in 2002 and were joined by another couple.

The six of us did the same trip to Booth Lake that we had done the year previously.


But it’s all I got.  AND I had to scan them from a book that I had made up years and years ago as I can’t find the originals.

It was a good trip, we did lots of hiking and had great campfire dinners.  Great time was had by all.  If I remember correctly we only went for maybe 4 or 5 nights?  My sister and her husband stayed a couple of more nights but the rest of us couldn’t stay that long.

See below, worst photos ever……………


So our interior canoe trips became a yearly event for the four of us and one I looked forward to.  The other couple only went with us in 2002.

Stay tuned for 2003 when we head to Carcajou Bay in Algonquin Park.



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