Algonquin Park – Fall 2022…More Moose! Hoorah!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Moose? That’s why we go to Algonquin Park so often. Sure it has over 2,000 lakes, tons of trails, lots of other wildlife, beautiful fall colours but mostly it has MOOSE and they are my favourite. Who am I kidding? If it has 2 legs, 4 legs or wings it’s my favourite lol but Moose are true favourites, they fascinate me and I could sit and watch one all day long.

This trip, after we got to Algonquin Park, we didn’t see any moose so we really thought the guy below would be it but thankfully, we saw more! He was in the restaurant on Canoe Lake.

One evening we drove down a road in Algonquin park and spotted two young Bull moose in a marshy area. We were there for probably 90 minutes watching them and taking photos. They were quite interesting to watch. One tried to, well you know, to the other one, I guess there were no cows around. I did not get a photo of that but it was pretty funny. They also spent time play fighting, eating and just standing around.

Some landscapes of the area they were in……

Hopefully these 2 moose are still okay because about 2 days after we spent time with them, they opened this portion of the Park to hunters. I just hope they are not in someone’s freezer right now. I have nothing against hunting but I don’t think it should be in Provincial Parks, especially when we are told to stay on our campsites and don’t go off trails. Scary stuff…..This is what was posted by the Friends of Algonquin Park:

The Friends of Algonquin Park  · 

Algonquin Park Moose and Deer Rifle Harvest Season Begins Today — The Algonquins of Ontario (AOO) begin the rifle harvest season for both Moose and White-tailed Deer within Algonquin Park today (October 8, 2022) until December 21, 2022 (for cow Moose) or January 15, 2023 (for bull and calf Moose, plus White-trailed Deer). The Algonquins of Ontario are reporting that the 2022-2023 AOO Harvest Season includes an expansion of the harvesting area in Algonquin Park. “For clarity, the harvest area within Algonquin Park now includes the entirety of [Wildlife Management Unit] WMU 51 (excluding the Highway 60 Corridor Development Zone) and the entirety of WMU 54 that is in the ‘Panhandle’ of Algonquin Park and within the AOO Settlement Area.”

During the hunting and harvest seasons in Algonquin Park, for your protection, Ontario Parks recommends:

• “Do not stray from the immediate area of your designated campsite.

• Stay on designated Park trails and portages.

• Wear bright coloured clothing when walking through the forest”.

Life goes on I guess…. Anyways……………I hope you enjoyed my photos and story, take care until next time…

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