Spring is Here !

The one that got away………..But I do like the water drops as he flys away which is why he is so high up in the photo. So basically, forget the duck, let’s focus on the awesome water droplets!

These 3 photos were taken in Presquile Provincial Park a few days ago. As soon as I get out of the truck, they are gone. lol

This is a short blog post, I have been quite busy lately and we haven’t been out too much. We did spend a day traveling up north which I will post about shortly but mostly we have been doing yardwork and getting our trailer ready as well as making other travel plans.

The weather has been super weird here in Ontario, Canada. Yesterday we were in our shorts riding our bikes along the shoreline of the Bay of Quinte and today it’s back to coats and umbrellas!

So maybe Spring is not quite here yet but soon I hope !

Have a great week.

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