Algonquin Park – Fall 2022…Canoeing

The feather above was floating on Pog Lake and I took a photo of it because it looked pretty cool! I love canoeing, probably my favourite thing to do. We canoed a few times this trip but not as often as we would have liked. It was either really windy or raining. We are experienced canoeists but we don’t like to canoe in windy weather when the waves are high or there are white caps. We can, but we don’t like to. We like to float around and take photos and it’s hard to do when you are constantly paddling to stay on course. I remember one time we were at Quetico Provincial park and had to do a canoe rescue when there were white caps on the lake. We had been sitting on our campsite beach because it was too windy to go out and we watched some people capsize their canoe. Anyways, that’s another story! The people we rescued were fine and that’s the main thing.

Another feather (below) that I took a photo of, was pretty also and when I got home and looked at it closely, there was a spider on the feather! Now this feather was in the middle of a lake. Spiders are amazing, I guess he was using it as transport!

I also love reflections in the water….I thought this photo was kind of interesting.

This Float plane stays in the Park and is always out flying around. Looking for lost hikers, canoeists, checking for fires, Search and Rescue, moving Park Rangers to and from remote camp sites. The de Havilland Beaver is owned by Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) operating out of Smoke Lake in the Park.

De Havilland Beaver Aircraft.

A few photos of Lake of Two Rivers, a lake we like to paddle, and it shows how low the water is this trip. Taking a break from paddling, we got out of the canoe and walked along the shore, dragging the canoe by a rope.

That’s it for now, a short Blog posts but more to come !

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