County Beer Fest and Waring House – October 2018


I love beer festivals, I know, that’s hard to believe but I DO !   So anyways, off we go to the County to the Crystal Palace in Picton for the County Beer Festival.  One problem, it’s freaking cold today and crappy but you know what they say, get a cold beer into you and it’ll warm you right up…………

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Brighton Photo Group – Field Trip, October 2018


We belong to a couple of Photo Clubs, well maybe four but whose counting?  One we rarely go to, so I suppose we belong to three in reality.    The Brighton Photo Group organized a day trip for last Monday and even though it rained off and on all day, who cares? we went anyways.  There were only nine of us that went out but we had a great day with a lot of fun and a good lunch and what more can you ask for on a nice autumn day.

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Algonquin Park – September/October 2018


Well, back to my all time favourite spot again for 18 nights.  Have trailer, will travel.  We were followed by a moose, tried to help a dying heron and braved winter-like conditions but what a time we had ! Continue reading “Algonquin Park – September/October 2018”