Grundy Lake Provincial Park – 28 June to 5 July – Summer 2018


I love Grundy.  one of my favourite parks.  There is quite a lot to do here; they have a lot of beaches, 3 hiking trails and lots of lakes to paddle.  I think there are five beaches but really you can swim anywhere.  There are also 2 Pet Beaches/Exercise areas.  We stayed in Trailer Campground, site 218.




I think next time we will try another campground as Trailer is usually the noisiest.  They have 9 campgrounds here, some radio free, hydro and non-hydro.  Quite a selection to choose from.  It was quite hot while we were here so we did have a couple of beach afternoons.  The beaches are nice and sandy and it’s fun to float around in your floatie chair and have turtles swim right up to you.

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