Algonquin Park – 12 – 25 June – Summer 2018 – REVISITED


So here we are, all housebound.  I have not been anywhere lately nor have I been out taking photos so I thought I’d revisit some old posts that people might enjoy.   This is an old one from 2018 but if you are new to my Blog OR just didn’t see it, then today is your lucky day!

This is the month we met the Mom Bear and 4 cubs in Algonquin park.  What a great time.

DSC_9475 - Copy_251

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Wheatley Provincial Park 5 – 14 August – Summer 2018

Clint and Willie

It’s Clint’s birthday today! Happy Birthday ! And it’s stupid hot out, It’s 40 plus celsius and we are packing up and leaving Rondeau Provincial Park for Wheatley Provincial Park.

We had reserved a Premium site, you know it’s premium when you camp by a marsh, lol


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Rondeau Provincial Park – 2 – 5 August – Summer 2018


This will be our first time camping at Rondeau Provincial Park.  We have driven through the park before but not to stay.  So here goes !

Located in southwestern Ontario, Rondeau is the second oldest provincial park  established in September 1894.   I was surprised about this but Google doesn’t lie, does it?   The park is on an 8 km long sand spit on Lake Erie.   I was reading about this sand spit and apparently this one, and there is one in Florida,  are the only two of it’s kind in all of North America.  Pretty unique I’d say.  Another thing about this park is that there are lots of cottages right in the park.  Very strange layout.  Very big park and you pretty much need a bike or vehicle to get around.

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Awenda Provincial Park – 10-16 July – Summer 2018


We haven’t been to Awenda Provincial Park before so looking forward to it.  It’s a long drive from the highway to get into the park.  Located about 15 minutes from Penetanguishe and maybe 25 minutes from Midland.  The Park is really and I’m going to throw a second really in here, nice.  Out of the all the parks we have been to,( Ontario Provincial Parks that is), this is without doubt the nicest park in terms of layout, sanitation/garbage/recycle area, Park Ranger patrols, everything.

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Killbear Provincial Park – 5-10 July – Summer 2018


On the way to Killbear Provincial Park, we stopped at Norse Brewery.  Kind of out-of-the-way but we don’t get this way very often so what the heck !  Big building and like I said, kind of in the middle of nowhere.  The young lady working there was really nice and we tried 3 beers.  They have a Golden Ale, Red Ale and a Dark Ale.  Not too bad, we ended up buying a case of a variety of the three.  They have a Viking theme going on which is fun.  You can try on a Viking hat and they had Viking styled necklaces too.

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Grundy Lake Provincial Park – 28 June to 5 July – Summer 2018


I love Grundy.  one of my favourite parks.  There is quite a lot to do here; they have a lot of beaches, 3 hiking trails and lots of lakes to paddle.  I think there are five beaches but really you can swim anywhere.  There are also 2 Pet Beaches/Exercise areas.  We stayed in Trailer Campground, site 218.




I think next time we will try another campground as Trailer is usually the noisiest.  They have 9 campgrounds here, some radio free, hydro and non-hydro.  Quite a selection to choose from.  It was quite hot while we were here so we did have a couple of beach afternoons.  The beaches are nice and sandy and it’s fun to float around in your floatie chair and have turtles swim right up to you.

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Restoule Provincial Park – 25-28 June – Summer 2018


Off to Restoule Provincial Park !  We have not been to this park so we are excited to see what it’s all about.  On the way to the park we stopped at Highlander Brewery, they make Clint’s favourite beer at this brewery so he’s happy to be stopping in.  They had about 8 different types but sadly, for me, no IPAs.  We did try most of them, Clint liked this brewery more than I did.  It’s a huge building right on the highway and the most beautiful quilts were hung on the wall.

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