Bonnechere Provincial Park – July 2022, Part 3

There is quite a lot to do in the area of Bonnechere Provincial Park. You can go to Basin Lake Access Point #19 is just outside Bonnechere Park, easy to get to and is actually part of Algonquin Park. To get there, leave the Park and turn right on to the highway. Turn onto Turners Road/Basin Lake road, traveling on pavement, then gravel. You will spot the cabin (above photo), it’s the oldest building in Algonquin Park. You can take a horrible dirt road just by the cabin to take you down to the Access point. There are two campsites on the shore if you need them. It’s a nice area. There are a lot of trails along this road, called the Walks of the Little Bonnechere River.

If you continue, the Walks of the Little Bonnechere are along this road, different sites and distances.

We decided to do a hike to High Falls while we were in this area. Big Mistake! lol

The mosquitoes were unbelieveable and what we thought was a 1 km hike turned out to be about 5 kms total. Which isn’t far except for the bugs, they were horrible so we pulled out our bug hats and bugs shirts just to survive lol.

We ended up driving down to the very end of the road, not sure how far it was. We stopped here and there in different spots to take photos.

There is quite a lot to do in this area, more Blogs to follow. If you get the chance to camp at Bonnechere Provincial Park, you won’t be disappointed.

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