Some Miscellaneous Wildlife….

Still posting about our trip to Algonquin Park , it will be never ending lol. I still haven’t looked at my photos from the summer. Moving on…… one day we went to paddle down a river and spotted some Mallard ducks. The photo above I call Bottoms Up! They were all too busy eating to pay attention to us.

We spotted otters a few times but I am not a good Otter Picture Taker. For some reason I have issues with otters, and seagulls. I think it’s my camera lol. Anyways, here are 2 otter pics that turned out okay but not great. Followed by a photo of a beaver, the only one we saw in the Park this trip.

And some random photos of a few other fellows/gals I spotted…

So a couple of the above photos, one of a turkey and one of a heron, I left more landscape/scenery in the photo when I did my edit. I usually crop so you can see the animal but I am enjoying seeing more of the environment that they are in so have changed things up a bit…… for me anyways.

Until next time…..

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