Bartlett Lodge, Algonquin Park

I have always wanted to go to Bartlett Lodge, located in Algonquin Park,it is a resort on Cache Lake where you can rent a cottage or have a lovely meal. I tried to book last fall for us to go to dinner, we were in the Park for a month, but when I called they were booked solid the rest of the season. This year I got smart and sent an email in late January to get a reservation in May; they emailed me and told me to keep the email as a reservation slip. Two seatings, 6 and 8 o’clock so I booked the 6 o’clock seating. Now they do not have a Liquor license so you are able to bring your own drinks, no corkage fee. When you get to the parking lot for Cache Lake, you walk to the water’s edge where the dock is and they have a phone in an dilapidated old building. You call the Lodge and ask for a boat ride across the lake. When we got there, the boat was already there picking up other people so we were able to hop on with them.

The boat ride was very short and after we reached the dock, we walked up a few stairs to get to the Lodge.

The inside Lobby area was very rustic and we were able to wait there until the appointed time for dinner. The only issue we had was we had brought bottles of wine and no way to drink it! Some other people had brought cans of beer so they could sip on that while we waited.

They had a model of the Highland Inn under glass, so not a great picture. This is the Inn that used to be directly across from this lodge. The Highland Inn, 1908-1957, was the famous resort hotel built and operated by the Grand Trunk Railway in Algonquin Provincial Park. It was so successful that Bartlett Lodge was built in 1917 as an overflow resort for increased tourism. Sadly, in 1956, the Highland Inn was purchased by the Government of Ontario and demolished. All that is left of that era is some concrete stairs and a few other old relics and Bartlett Lodge.

Finally, the appointed hour arrived and we walked up a couple of stairs into the dining area. It was big and open with lots of tables. We were given a table for two in front of the fireplace.

Our dinner was terrific, you had several choices for appetizers, main and dessert. The price was set at $85.00 per person (4 courses) regardless of what you ordered. They first came out with a beautifully put together charcuterie tray and a basket of homemade bread.

Clint chose the carrot/roasted parsnip soup and I had the beet salad which was really good. Beets with feta cheese and a balsamic dressing. Other choices were Tuna Tartare, Black Cod Salad or Slow Cooked Pork Belly.

Then for our main meal, we both picked Beef Tenderloin on garlic mashed potatoes with vegetables (brussel sprouts, cherry tomato, cauliflower and carrots) with a delicious sauce/gravy.

The menu choices were Beef Tenderloin, Rainbow Trout, Duck Confit or Butternut Squash Risotto.

Dessert choices were Lemon Curd, Strawberry Panna Cotta, Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake or Strawberry/Rhubard Pie with ice cream. I picked the pie, I love rhubarb, however, it was really tart. I don’t like rhubarb sweet but this could have had a touch more sugar. Clint had the chocolate cake.

After dinner we checked out the rest of the resort, walking around the property on the walkways to see what actually was here.

When we were ready to go, we asked at the front desk for a ride back, Mark took us back to the other side, in a different boat this time.

All in all, I would highly recommend this experience and the food. Great spot that we enjoyed and we hope to get there again one day.

Thanks for reading…………..Stay safe

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