Silver Falls Provincial Park – Summer 2021

Canoeing on Dog Lake

Wow the weather is great today, 31 Celsius and sunny.  We left for Silver Falls Provincial Park, a park we have not been to before. When you turn off the highway, it’s about 4.5 km of a really bumpy road to get to the Park entrance. And by bumpy, I mean severe washboarding, we have never been on road like this before, especially pulling our trailer. We went fast, we sent slow, it didn’t matter! But we finally got to the Park; this is a small Park, 56 seasonal sites and 10 open sites. There is no main gate, no maps, no comfort stations, no water and no electricity; I can hear banjos lol

The Park is situated on Dog Lake, it’s a huge lake with lots of little islands. There is only one hiking trail and it’s about 10 km in length and goes to Silver Falls.   We drove down an old dirt road and found another access to get into Dog Lake for a paddle. We paddled a couple of hours and saw nothing except for some huge old rusted pieces of possibly an old boiler for a steam engine. Kind of unique finding these pieces in the lake.

We saw a lot of flowers, bugs and dragonflies on the dirt road that we drove down to get to the canoe launch and spent a long time there taking photos. Here are a couple of mine.

They have a nice beach and we spent an afternoon there, hanging out and swimming until it got really dark and it did end up raining later in the evening.

So here we go again, packing up and heading to the next location! See you next Blog Post…..

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