Quetico Provincial Park


Quetico Provincial Park is yet another park I have always wanted to go to.  This Park is a back country/paddlers heaven.  There is a campground but only about 100 sites.  However, for back country people there are over 2000 sites and over 2200 lakes.  Not bad eh?  Here is Trum sitting with an Inukshuk we made; he and I like to make Inukshuks wherever we go.

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Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park

kakabeka falls

Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park has 3 campgrounds but only one was open for camping; this was the end of August so it was not off-season.  They have really nice campsites at this park.  A few trails to hike and one trail to bike plus the campground itself you can bike. We had a hummingbird, a cedar waxwing and a northern flicker come into our site !

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Thunder Bay, Ontario


Here we are in Thunder Bay !    which is the largest city in Northwest Ontario.  Exciting things to see here; Terry Fox Memorial, Fort William, Thunder Oak Cheese, Mission Island Marsh, lots of conservation areas, waterfalls, Chippewa Wildlife Refuge and on and on……..


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Sleeping Giant Provincial Park


I have always wanted to go to this Park.  Finally we made it.  We had one of the nicest sites we have ever had at Ontario Parks.  This is a picture of the famous “Sea Lion” so okay, WHY does it look like an elephant?

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Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Rainbow Falls is a nice park.  The town of Schreiber is fairly close for supplies.  There are two campgrounds in this park.  We were in Whitesand Lake Campground located on the north side of Hwy 17.  These sites are wooded and somewhat private.  About 5 km down the road is the Rossport Campground on the south side of Hwy 17.  It’s a small campground but is located on the shores of Lake Superior so there is that.  We enjoyed the Whitesand Campground, site 16 with hydro I might add.

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Neys Provincial Park

neys22016 – We love Neys Provincial Park.  Did you know it used to be a German POW camp in WW2?  The camp held hundreds of German POWs from 1941-1946.  I read that Neys is a biblical term for refuge.  I wonder if the POWs thought that. Fascinating history and there are still remnants of the old camp.

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Lake Superior Provincial Park (Rabbit Blanket)

chickenRabbit Blanket Campground, not sure where the name came from but it is a nice campground.  Sites are more private and treed.  But it is not on Lake Superior and there are no sandy beaches.  There is a Rabbit Blanket Lake for paddling.

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