Local Fun

We love to do things locally.  There are so many places, events, activities in our area and we try to do as much as we can.  Our area is the Quinte Area; including Prince Edward County.

Old Church Theatre

We like the Old Church on Bonisteel Road, Trenton, Ontario.  It started in 1876 as a Methodist Church.  Long story short………  In 1994, Roy Bonisteel purchased, renovated and restored the building.Today, Lesley Bonisteel and Brian Weston are the owners.  It’s a great venue for entertainment.We have seen Michael Schatte and Shawn Dore.  Great music and evening.  Michael Schatte is  a phenomenal guitarist.  He will be at the Old Church again sometime in December 2017.


The Fiddleheads !   Great show; enjoyed it a lot and hope to see them again.  Also a shout out to Lynn Hanson, she was fabulous !  Hope to see her again too !

At the Old Church again on 21 April 2017.  We had tickets to see Kelly Trottier.  Really enjoyed her show, she plays fiddle, step dances and sings !  How can you not love that.

Sean McCann, has also performed here, he was a member of Great Big Sea.  He is a great performer and we really enjoyed it.  I bought his latest CD and he threw in an Adult Colouring Book lol.   I like the B&W that I did of Sean and then of course the prerequisite photo that Clint took of Sean and myself.  (April 2017)

Another great performer is Lenni Stewart ; we saw her on Remembrance Day in 2017.  She was spectacular, what a great show she put on.    I can’t remember all the performers we have seen at this venue.  But we have enjoyed each and every one, some more than others.  Highly recommend this location for your entertainment needs.









The Toronto Blue Jays are kinda local, if you think a 2 hour drive isn’t too far off the “local path” !   I don’t watch a lot of baseball but I do like to watch the occasional Blue Jays game on TV and I really like to go to the Rogers Centre to see the real deal.  Had the chance to go to a game, compliments of my son, on 15 April 2017.

We had great seats and I enjoyed being there watching the Jays duke it out with the Baltimore Orioles.  There is always so much to look at that sometimes you can forget there is a baseball game on !   And this was an exciting game, the Jays haven’t been doing overly well so far this season so it was a thrill to be there this day when they won.  And what a win !  Tied 1-1; it came down to the bottom of the ninth, the first Jay player up to bat hit the first pitch and made it a home run which sealed the deal for the Jays.   I love Ace or as he used to be called BJ Birdie and Ace Junior was there also.  It’s an exciting place and I hope to go again.




Lots of different events in this area.  For example, in 2016 the Empire Square in March held a Beer Festival.  Since then it has been held  at Trenton’s Farmers Market in downtown Trenton.  Far better location in my opinion.

Hops on the Water is being held this year on the last weekend of April 2019.   Showcasing local breweries and restaurants and it was also a family friendly event.

Lots of great breweries attend – Signal Brewery,Parsons,  Beau’s,  McKinnon Brothers,  Napanee Beer Co.,  Hockley,  County Cider,  555 Brewing Co,  Publican House and MORE!  Sandbanks Winery, Casa Dea and Traynor were also there.   Last year, the band Big Black Smoke played the whole time.  This is a band I really like, if you get the chance to see them, go !  They play mostly 60’s and 70’s rock music, for example, The Beatles, The Who, The Hollies, Rolling Stones, Dave Clarke Five, Yardbirds, Van Morrison and so on, you get the idea !   There was a second band called Tailgate that would have come on stage just after we left and played for the rest of the festival.  We didn’t stay for them.  Ran into friends and met new friends; one in particular, the cutest dog named Ellie,  so I guess the event was also dog friendly lol !  I also check out the Bay of Quinte website to see what else is going on in the area.  There is usually something going on somewhere close to us.  So come out this year 2019 and have some fun !

Countylicious Prince Edward County, Ontario

We look forward every spring and fall for the restaurants to put out their menus !  Normally 7-10, or so, restaurants participate.  They plan special menus with choices of appetizers, main meal and desserts for normally $40 a person.  2019 we started Countylicious at the Marans Dinebar in Picton.  Great dinner and great spot.

In 2017 we went to the Merrill Inn for dinner.  It was fabulous !  Kudos to the chef. My choice was ravioli and it was made completely different from what one would think.  He had the meatballs with sauce on the bottom of the bowl with a slice of homemade pasta on top and little hunks of cheese around the edges.  It was phenomenal, the taste was truly great.  We also enjoyed the appetizer and dessert.  Just a 10/10 meal all the way around.  Sadly this year (2019) the Merrill Inn is not participating in Countylicious.

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