Awenda Provincial Park – 10-16 July – Summer 2018


We haven’t been to Awenda Provincial Park before so looking forward to it.  It’s a long drive from the highway to get into the park.  Located about 15 minutes from Penetanguishe and maybe 25 minutes from Midland.  The Park is really and I’m going to throw a second really in here, nice.  Out of the all the parks we have been to,( Ontario Provincial Parks that is), this is without doubt the nicest park in terms of layout, sanitation/garbage/recycle area, Park Ranger patrols, everything.

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Killbear Provincial Park – 5-10 July – Summer 2018


On the way to Killbear Provincial Park, we stopped at Norse Brewery.  Kind of out-of-the-way but we don’t get this way very often so what the heck !  Big building and like I said, kind of in the middle of nowhere.  The young lady working there was really nice and we tried 3 beers.  They have a Golden Ale, Red Ale and a Dark Ale.  Not too bad, we ended up buying a case of a variety of the three.  They have a Viking theme going on which is fun.  You can try on a Viking hat and they had Viking styled necklaces too.

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