Old Church Theatre – 20 July 2018


So it was a full house at the Old Church Theatre tonight !   We are seeing Hat Fitz and Cara.  He is Australian and she is from Ireland.  They have been touring Canada but heading home tomorrow.  And as usual we enjoyed the company and the beer !


It was a fun evening and this couple are great together.  They talk about how they met, the meanings of their songs, they joke and include the audience.  Their music is a bit of blues, folk,  gospel, roots.

He has a good voice but her voice was just fantastic, what a great singer.  They play so many different instruments, so talented.  Guitars, banjos, drums, fifes, and this weird washboard !  It was pretty neat, bells on the top and she wore steel tipped gloves to play it.  Unique sound.

We really enjoyed the evening for sure.  It was a great time and maybe they will come back and tour Canada again.  I will definitely watch for them.



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