INDIA – Day 9 -Jaipur to Mandawa – Revisited…….

Well travel has been pretty a No Go for a few months now.  I have been lately looking back at older Blogs and photos and reminiscing about travel.  We went to India in November 2018 and what a great trip!   Here is a Revisit of Day 9 of that trip, I would love to go back to India and see more and do more.  Maybe one day………….

Day Nine –

Wow the time here in India is going so fast.  We start our trip home tomorrow night, so hard to believe this time has gone so quickly.  We left today at 915 for Mandawa  Here are some photos on our drive to Mandawa, the drive took about 5 hours.

India D7100-1294_1164

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INDIA – Day 10 and 11 – Mandawa to Delhi to Home

We had our breakfast and packed up and were at the bus for 915.  It was gonna be a long long day.    Here are some photos on the way to Delhi from Mandawa.

India S 111418 1351_1210
Not too sure what’s going on here

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INDIA – Day 6 – Agra to Chambal

This was probably 630-645 in the morning

Holy Cow it’s early !  We left at 545 a.m. for the Taj Mahal.  Still dark out.  We wanted to get there for the sunrise, even though the smog in Agra is almost as bad as Delhi.  I think seeing the sunrise might be a little too optimistic for us today.

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Jama Masjid (Great Mosque).

We didn’t get to our hotel until about 3 a.m. Wednesday morning but we were up and on our bus by 9.  First we had a delicious breakfast buffet at our hotel which was the Leela Ambience Convention Centre.  It was very marbley, I know you are thinking, that’s not a word…… well it is now.  Lots of marble and the hotel seemed very dark to me, I did not get a warm, friendly feeling.  There was a locked gate the bus had to drive through and then we had to put our bags through a detector stationed right at the front entrance prior to entering the hotel.

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INDIA – Day 1 & 2 (5-6 November)

Yep, we went to India November 2018.  How cool is that?  We booked through the  Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce who hosted this trip and we traveled with Indus to India for 11 days and 10 nights.  Well, 8 days and sort of 8 nights.

The rest was on the plane or waiting in the airports which is super fun ! ……………………said no one ever…………….


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