Opemican National Park, Quebec – July 2022 – Part One

When we left Mattawa, we headed to Opemican National Park, its about 5-6 hours from our home but only about a 90 minute drive from Mattawa. This park is located in the province of Quebec but we knew when we made our summer reservations that we were going to be close so we thought we would check it out. On the way to the Park, we drove through Alexander Lake Forest Provincial Park and also Jaco Rivers Provincial Park.

It’s a terrific park and nice campsites and quite a bit to do in the area. They have the most interesting design for their Visitor Centre, it’s quite something. And they have a unique way to get your firewood, you get a canvas pack with handles, load up as much wood as you can and then leave the empty bag on your campsite post. Very good recycling idea unlike Ontario Provincial Parks where they toss out thousands of non reusable wood bags every year. For info, a bag of ice was $5 and the pack of wood, which was a LOT, was only $8.00. I really crammed the wood in there which in retrospect wasn’t my brightest idea as I had to carry the wood and ice from the building, down the walk, across the road and over to the parking lot. lol

Next post we’ll go to Temiskaming and Laniel to see some of the area outside of the Park.

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