Opemican National Park, Quebec – July 2022 – Part Four, Trails

We did some trails when we were in the Park, now strangely these trails aren’t IN the Park. You have to drive down the highway a ways to access them but they have a few trails, one or two not recommended for families. Here is the link to the list of trails. Click on the link and then scroll down until you see the Trails Table. We did the Falcon Trail, no falcons to be seen but apparently they hang out there. I lugged my 500 mm lens up there for nothing! lol

I did want to mention, there are actually trails in the park also but we like to see the area.

We also did the Inukshuk Trail and at one point saw the guy in the above photo. He was my height and quite impressive. I do love Inukshuks.

Here are some other photos of the trails we did. I think we did another one but I can’t remember and SOMEBODY (me) didn’t keep very good diary entries on these days. And that’s the only way I remember details, I have been keeping a travel diary for years on our trips.

Well that’s all I have on Opemican National Park. I do love visiting Quebec and they have some terrific parks. This park in particular is just over the Ontario/Quebec Border so not too far if you are in that area.

We headed back to Restoule Provincial Park when we left here, one of my favourite parks. Who am I kidding? They are all my favourites.

Stay safe….

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