Happy New Year and All the Very Best to You and Yours for 2023

(Famous Canadian 2-headed moose above)lol

I want to wish a Happy New Year to everyone and give thanks to everyone who reads my Blog and/or enjoys my photos.

You know who you are and I appreciate the time you spend reading my posts. I have been doing this Blog a very long time and have not reached as many people as I would have liked but I do enjoy writing it and posting my photos. I guess I will stick around a while longer and keep on writing.

I also want to thank my husband for editing my posts as well as all his support, friendship and love. Thank you Clint ! He has a photography website, if you click here you can see his photos.

I almost forgot to thank Trum! It’s because of him I started this Blogging adventure so Thanks Trum. And no I don’t get embarrassed carting him around, trust me I have done way more embarrassing things than that! lol

This winter I did a presentation on my wildlife photography and in the spring, Clint and I did (together) a presentation of our trip to India for the Armchair Traveler series at our local City library. Clint also did a solo presentation at our Probus club on “Photography Then and Now.” We really do enjoy sharing our photos and stories.

We traveled quite a bit in Ontario and the Province of Quebec and had a lot of fun this year as well as some heartache but all in all, 2022 was an okay year, could have been better, could have been worse. That’s the only way I can sum it up properly. However, we are very grateful for what we have.

2023 is going to be great! We have lots planned, hopefully weight loss is included in that! But you know, I will soon be 64 years old so I don’t worry about that as much as I used to. We keep active and try to eat healthy……or healthy-ish haha

I wish everyone great health and happiness in 2023 ! Stay safe and stay strong.

Now….here are a few photos from this year of things we did, places we have been………(You will notice a LOT from Algonquin Park, I think we spent 6 or 7 weeks there this year and it IS my favourite place……..)

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