Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 4 – 2004 Summer of the Bears

Algonquin Aug 2004161_1492

On continuing down memory lane……….during the winter months, my husband, sister and her husband and myself figure out where we would like to go next and what dates etc.  It was fun to research and decide the location in Algonquin Park.  This year we decided to go into Pen Lake.

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Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 3 – 2003

In continuing my trip down memory lane, here is another year of back country canoe tripping.

In late August 2003 we headed back to Algonquin Park for another back country canoe trip.  We decided this year to launch our canoes on to Grand Lake and then paddle into Carcajou Bay.  I believe there are only 4 sites on this bay, maybe 5.  At the back of the bay, there is a small waterfall and a portage that can take you into a number of other lakes.

Grand Lake starting point

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Algonquin Park Weekend – May 2019

Fine then

We leave soon for our “big” trip so I wanted to get a couple of days taking some photos in Algonquin before we leave.  We got up at o’dark thirty Saturday morning and off we went.  We were signed into our motel and into the park by 10 a.m.   Which was pretty good as it is a three hour drive and we have to stop for coffee!

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Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 2 – 2001/2002

2001  –  Clint and I met in 2001 and started dating.  Later that same year,  he asked if I wanted to go on an interior canoe trip.  I had never been on a back country trip before so it was all new to me.  But I was game and so we planned our trip.

Look how nervous I look ! lol

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Back Country Canoe Trips – First Installment !

August 2018 – Me relaxing on our private beach at Parkside Bay, Algonquin Park

I was going through old photos the other day,  from when we used to do a lot of back country canoe trips, or interior trips.   For those that aren’t familiar, these are trips whereby you have to paddle a lake to a spot on the lake where you have to unload your canoe and then portage your canoe/gear from one lake to another and then set up camp.  You can do one or several portages to get to your campsite.  The portage trails range anywhere and everywhere from “Wow what a fantastic flat, wide nice” trail to “Holy Crap I’m going to die on this narrow, winding, all uphill, over rocks and stumps” trail.

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Algonquin Back Country Canoe Trip – August – Summer 2018


So we headed out to do an Interior Canoe trip or Back Country trip or holy cow you’re crazy trip……..whatever you want to call it.  We were up and out of our house by 615 am and drove to Algonquin Park to the Smoke Lake parking lot.  We unloaded the canoe and all our gear from the truck; loaded it all into the canoe and we were on the water and away by 9:50 a.m.

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