Prince Edward County Drive – 21 February

Lake Ontario at North Beach Provincial Park

So last Sunday we headed out to Prince Edward County, it was a beautiful day and we wanted to leave early to get the sunrise. But we were running late so we just moseyed down the road to Bain Park in Trenton for a short time. I wanted to try to capture some photos of the sunrise and to drive to another location would have meant missing it.

Sunrise from Bain Park overlooking Bay of Quinte
Bain Park

After that we headed to North Beach Provincial Park for a walk along Lake Ontario. The park was closed so we parked outside the gate and walked in. We were the only ones there, probably because it was so early!

Main Gate at North Beach Provincial Park
Walking along the beach
Lake Ontario

We walked for quite a while along the beach and we didn’t even see a bird. It was very quiet.

We stopped in Wellington, at Rotary Beach, and sat by the bay drinking our coffee. Then we walked around and took photos of the ducks, Canada geese and Swans. There were so many birds in the water and more kept flying in.

Wellington Bay residents

This one duck was quite busy, most of the waterfowl just floated around but this guy was pretty energetic.

Probably trying to keep warm!

They have a lighthouse which is on the point separating Lake Ontario from Wellington Bay.

Short path to the Lighthouse which overlooks Lake Ontario
Lighthouse which I did in B&W with a touch of green
Looking along the shore to the right of the Lighthouse

The photo below I took while standing in front of the Lighthouse and looking back towards Wellington Bay. Clint and I like to canoe in Wellington Bay in the summer, not so much in Lake Ontario!

Channel going from Lake Ontario to the Bay

After that we headed to Long Point . We stopped at this rock face on the way there, it was covered by ice, kind of cool.

The road to Long Point, below

Road to Long Point

The road was gated off to get to this Lighthouse so I took this from the opposite shore where we stopped for a bit.

On the way home we stopped so I could get a quick shot of The Bluffs at Little Bluffs Conservation Area. This is a 20 metre high limestone bluff overlooking Prince Edward Bay. This Conservation Area is still closed, it has been closed for the last few months. 

So that was our day, lots of being outdoors and great spots to visit.

Stay safe and take care.

5:30 In the Morning and -22 Celsius – Sure Let’s go to the Park…

Clint and I decided last Fall that during this Apocalypse, we would make a point to go out driving/hiking at least two days a week. We still occasionally walk around the block but we wanted to get off our street, with our cameras, and see what was going on in some of our local parks and Conservation Areas, in our area.

Yesterday was supposed to be nice albeit COLD but we decided to get up at o’dark thirty (translation – 5:30 a.m.) , dress, grab our coffee and go… so we did. We were hoping to get to Presquile Provincial Park for the sunrise. It was -22 Celsius when we left. But you know, the guy on the radio said there was no wind chill so there you go, hardly cold at all.

Lake Ontario is still not frozen but there is lots of ice and some very tiny mini volcanoes along the shoreline. One area off shore, there was a lot of frazzle ice and I thought it looked very unique. So other worldly, don’t you think? There is the shore, with snow on it, then open water and then the dark patches are the ice pieces.

Frazzle Ice off the shore

Just another view along the beach, the snow has almost a pink look to it from the sunrise which is over to the left of this photo.

Lake Ontario Shoreline

We did see some turkeys but they are so fast! Before I could get out of the truck, they were gone. We did see a small group of about 6 deer playing the woods but there weren’t cooperating for their photo being taken.

Young fawn

We had a great morning in the Park but time to head over to Chisholm Mills. This is a very picturesque Mill and I love photos of it. They believe this mill was built in 1851 and in 1857 the Chisholm family bought it and it has been in the same family since. That is amazing isn’t it? So below is the whole view, such a scenic spot.

Chisholm MIlls

You know me, or maybe you don’t, but I love to do old buildings in B&W so here it is below.

Chisholm Mills

So that was our outing, social distance was enforced, mostly because we saw NO ONE because it was SO EARLY and SO COLD. lol

Stay safe!

And yes,  Zoewiezoe, Trum was there, he just didn’t want to leave the warmth of the truck!

What to do on Cold Winter Days – Presquile Provincial Park and Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Area

Yesterday we went to Massassauga Point Conservation Area Today we head to Presquile Provincial Park and Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Area.

Two swans, enjoying the cold water?
Shoreline of Lake Ontario, no ice on the water. This is not the year for freezing up I guess
Swans hanging out

A sign is displayed telling about the loss of the Speedy, a ship that supposedly sunk off this shore. This is a very interesting article detailing how this ship, had it not sunk, could have changed the course of Canadian History. Click above link in the word Speedy to read it.

The Loss of the Speedy sign by the Lighthouse.
Marsh area

Presquile has lots of history and historical tidbits. Below is a sign detailing a cemetery that used to be here where there is buried some of the earliest European settlers, who settled on this point, during the first half of the nineteenth century. You can’t see the spot anymore as they let it grow over.

Old Cemetery
Clint took a photo of me by Lake Ontario, see the swans are behind me!


We left the Park and headed to Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Area, not too far away. This is a nice area with 12 kilometres of trails, picnic areas and a nice river.

Trail Map at the Trail Head
Start of the Trail!
Deep in the Woods…sort of
River View
View of the river from a bridge
I don’t know why these caught my eye, some kind of seed pods?

I spotted this piece of ice in the river on a stick so thought I’d play around in Lightroom with it. Just a little something different.

It was funny when we went back to our truck we saw a lady heading out on the trails and she looked like our friend Jane, but it wasn’t. Jane if you are reading this, you have a doppelganger out there!

It was a long day and we were glad to get home and put our feet up, we aren’t getting any younger. I sound more and more like an old person every day! lol

Stay safe Everyone

What to do on Cold Winter Days – Massassauga Point

View of the Bay and way out in the distance you can barely see little dots which are ice fishing huts

This week has been pretty cold here in Ontario. But we had decided last fall that we were going to try to get out at least twice a week and go somewhere to hike and do our photography, other than walk around our block. We are still under lockdown in Ontario so we stay in our area. Over the past two days we have gone to Massassauga Point Conservation Area, Presquile Provincial Park and Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Area. I will do a separate post on the last two places.

We are truly fortunate to have so many Provincial Parks and Conservation Areas close to us.

On our way to Massassauga Point we passed this sign by the side of the road. I have never heard this expression before and didn’t know quite what to make of it. Some of my friends don’t like and some find it funny. It’s certainly unique! Now if you aren’t sure, because I wasn’t, they are referring to eggs, who knew?

I have no words…

Anyways on to our destination…

Massassauga Point Conservation Area is about 60 acres set on the Bay of Quinte. There are a few trails you can take and a spot for having a picnic. The parking lot is close to the water and we could see one lone ice hut just off the shore. Some portions of the trails follow the shoreline, which is really nice and some go through the forest or past an old quarry.

Clint walking the trail which follows the water
Into the forest
You never know what you’ll find in the bush
I wonder where the other half is !

So one day of winter adventures, tomorrow off to Presquile Provincial Park and Goodrich-Loomis Conservation Area. I think we are supposed to get a lot more colder weather coming next week but so far, hardly any snow. Is that good or bad? I say not so bad but I know skiers would like more!

Stay safe.

Lake Ontario – Throwback to the Winter of 2019…

We have been going pretty regularly to Presquile Provincial Park this winter to walk and do photography. This park is right on Lake Ontario and strangely the Lake has not frozen up this winter. In fact we really do not have a winter to speak of here in Ontario, Canada. We should have winter! We were in the Park a few days ago and the waves were lapping at the shore. No freezing happening.

I got looking back through old photos, well not that old………but I wanted to see what winter USED to be like on Lake Ontario. Now I just sound like an old person………….

Anyways, this Post is showing photos I took in the Park in March 2019. So only two years ago and it was so fun to see the Ice Volcanoes. And we also came across a beaver. What more could you ask for?

Clint standing in front of some of the volcanoes

These ice volcanoes have an actual scientific name, they are called cryovolcanoes. I put a link in the first paragraph, kind of interesting how these things come to be. It’s dangerous to climb on top of these as they are usually hollow. So you could be lucky and come down alive….or not! So be careful.

These seagull has claimed this one as his own. Where’s his little flag?

We barely have any snow and it’s heading to the last week of January. And by any, I mean we have maybe one centimetre. So it’s nice to have photos to look at.

It almost looks otherworldly, like another planet!
Clint walking on the water to get to the island. It was frozen over!

There are thousands of birds on this island, as you can see. Clint startled them all
I feel like he is plotting a world take-over, like Pinky and the Brain
Keep walking humans

It was nice to look back at these photos.

So what’s your winter like where you live?

Stay safe, until next time.

A Nice Day for a Walk in the Park

We headed out bright and early Saturday morning for Presquile Provincial Park, about 30 minutes from our home. We go there quite a bit, it’s a big park set on Lake Ontario and lots of trails and some wildlife. No wildlife today for us which is unusual, we almost always see something. But a nice walk around the park nonetheless!

Clint took a photo of me by this very cool tree

It was -14 Celsius this morning and didn’t warm up while we were there which was from 730 a.m. and until about 1030-1040. We like to get up and go early when we go places. Usually there is hardly any people around which is kind of nice. I think we came out here about 2 weeks ago and were surprised then that Lake Ontario along the shore line was not frozen, and not today either! Usually it is and some years we get some cool ice volcanoes showing up.

I took a photo of this big rock on the beach, I don’t know why I like it but I do

We did a couple of hikes and walked along the beach and over around Owen’s Point.

Part of the Pioneer/Newcastle Trail

Part of the Owen Point Trail
Heading towards the beach area

We did see a few finches in the trees, they are pretty cute. They were chomping down on some pinecones.

Take care everyone, until next time.

RIP Old Barn

The Old Barn

There is a Conservation Area near where we live, Potter’s Creek Conservation Area to be precise. There are trails and an off leash dog walking trail; at the entrance by the parking lot, there is a big old barn. I love barns.

Well I just learned this past Saturday that they are tearing it down. So this morning my husband and I went down to take a couple of photos. The barn comes down tomorrow. So sad. They said they might leave the old stone foundation so there’s that…………..

I took this photo and then did the editing in B&W. I love old buildings and landscapes in B&W. Well not ALL but some…
Clint took this photo of me in front of the old barn

This area will sure look different but I’m glad I learned about the demolition ahead of time and was able to take some memory photos.

Stay safe…………..

I Do Love The County

For those that don’t know, Prince Edward County or The County is an island, just a short hop, skip and a jump from our house. The main towns are Picton, Wellington and Bloomfield with assorted other little villages along the way. It’s a very popular destination if you live in Ontario or Quebec, hugely popular. Why you might ask? Well they have the Sandbanks Provincial Park (includes the World’s World’s largest baymouth barrier dune formation), tons of wineries, breweries, cute shops and boutiques, bakeries (Wellington Bakery is our favourite) and some of the finest restaurants I have ever been to. And there is lots more including outdoor activities, parks, festivals, events and so on and so on. There is a great article in the NY Times about The County.

But I digress, a few days ago, we went for the day as the weather was great and we wanted to get out of our house. We headed to Beaver Meadows Conservation Area for a hike. We hadn’t been here for a long time and I honestly didn’t remember it. There are a couple of short hiking trails and some old ruins and wetlands. It’s not very big and doesn’t take long to go around.

The ruins were kind of cool, I love ruins. There was no signage to say what this was but I am thinking maybe a farm, but I don’t know for sure.

The trails were nice but not very long and there were a couple of spots to look out over the wetlands.

We left there and headed over to Gillinghams Brewery for an outdoor beverage. But first we stopped at Carson’s a really cute store which is just down the road from the brewery.

I don’t know why but we had never been inside before

And then to the Brewery…………Gillingham Brewing Company

When you go to the back they have several picnic tables with overhead heaters and a couple of tables with fireplaces inset into the table. They also have an outdoor firepit with Adirondack chairs all around. Quite a cute spot to have a beverage in the winter without going inside.

So another fun day, a little of this and a little of that……….Stay Safe!

Maynooth, Ontario – Who knew there was so much to see in this area!

The weather was crazy nice last week so Tuesday, 10 November, we decided to pack our lunch and our photographic equipment and head up north. Normally when we hit Maynooth, we turn left to go to Algonquin Park but we decided to keep on goin’ and head north instead.

Further down the road we passed the small village of Maple Leaf (how Canadian is that?) and stopped at Neuman Falls. This is a favourite spot of ours but we haven’t been here for quite a while. But now, sadly, there are no “No Trespassing” and “Private Property” signs ALL over the place so I took a couple of snaps from the bridge and we moved on.

This is one side of the road.

The other side of the road is below, not a great photo and does NOT show the beauty of the area. But it was the best I could do as we were not allowed to go down there anymore, which is really unfortunate. It was a lovely spot.

Then on to High Falls, we think that’s what it’s called. It’s hard to find, it’s literally a hole in a rock wall. And it’s not the easiest trail. It’s very steep and you have to be super careful climbing down to the falls. But, it’s a lovely spot.

It’s also not a spot with signage, you have to know where you are going. This is the spot and we parked on the side of the road.

Secret Passage !

Below is the first part of the trail when you leave the highway, not too bad.

But after that, it is an extremely steep trail to get down to the water. Someone tied a rope to some trees to help you get down and back up. The pine needles made it kinda slippery and I was able to get about 3/4’s of the way down and then said forget it! Clint went all the way to the bottom but he said it wasn’t easy. Too bad the access wasn’t easier.

So this is the photo I got ! Not very good as I was not at the bottom. One day I’ll get there ! Last time we where here it was early spring and there was still ice and snow on the trail, so I didn’t get to the bottom that time either.

We left there and just past High Falls, we turned onto Boulter Road and it was a scenic route to Rivers Run…………..apparently. Not so scenic for us, we turned around and headed back and on to Papineau Lake. This lake had a beautiful sandy beach. Really nice spot.

Papineau Lake

Off to White Duck Lake ! Not that we knew about White Duck Lake but we like to explore, this was a really cute lake.

White Duck Lake

One day we may take our canoe and go for a paddle as there is a boat launch, sort of…………..

Clint at White Duck Lake

Then we went to a look-out overlooking Kamaniskeg Lake. This is near the town of Combermere where the Mayflower sank – NO not THAT Mayflower.

This story actually made it into Ripley’s Believe It or Not. “Dead Man saves three”! It was the worst maritime inland tragedy in Canada occurring on November 12, 1912. Nine people died, but three people survived by hanging onto a coffin and floating to an island!

Information Board !

Below is the view from the top and way out in the distance, you can barely see 2 small islands and the one on the right is the one where the survivors ended up.

Overview of Kamaniskeg Lake

After that we headed to Crooked Slide Park. What a cute spot! I really liked it. The story is that there used to be an log chute on Byers Creek used in 1900’s to float logs down to the Madawaska River. This is a reconstruction but so cool. You can follow a few different, short trails along the river and see the cascades.

Entrane to the park, actually there are two entrances

There is more parking at the second entrance, well 1st entrance if you drive from the other way lol. No picnic tables or washrooms though and that would have been nice. We spent quite a while here and ended up sitting in our truck to eat the lunch we brought with us.

You can walk up past the slide to a bridge and along the river.

We will definitely come back some day. View from the bridge in below photo. the other side of the bridge is more cascades, lots of rocks and moving water.

Crooked Slide Park just outside of Combermere

We kept driving on Old Barry’s Bay Road and stopped at the Szare Szeregi Warsaw Polish Monument. Quite a moving memorial I might add.

It was quite impressive even though small.

We then drove a Forest Access Road,(Mayo Lake Road) over to the highway, to make our way home. That was an interesting drive. My small car would not have made it!

So another day trip down and gone…………waiting for the next adventure !

Stay Safe.

Belleville Waterfront Walk

I can’t get over the weather! It was 8 November (Saturday) and we were outside in tee-shirts! ………. and pants – we were also wearing pants ! lol

Some people were wearing shorts, it was that warm.

We had to do some stuff around our property and then we decided to head to Belleville’s Waterfront for a walk. They have beautiful trails on the Bay of Quinte and as I have said before, we are so lucky to have these spots to head to for some exercise and fresh air.

It was a beautiful day on the bay, we saw lots of ducks, seagulls, and Canada Geese. Enjoy my photos.

So that was our walk, we walk here quite often, it’s a really nice trail. You can walk, skate, bike and there are lots of great views.

That’s it for today, stay safe please !