Back Country Canoe Trips – First Installment !

August 2018 – Me relaxing on our private beach at Parkside Bay, Algonquin Park

I was going through old photos the other day,  from when we used to do a lot of back country canoe trips, or interior trips.   For those that aren’t familiar, these are trips whereby you have to paddle a lake to a spot on the lake where you have to unload your canoe and then portage your canoe/gear from one lake to another and then set up camp.  You can do one or several portages to get to your campsite.  The portage trails range anywhere and everywhere from “Wow what a fantastic flat, wide nice” trail to “Holy Crap I’m going to die on this narrow, winding, all uphill, over rocks and stumps” trail.

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Photo Display, Old Church, Avro Arrow and More


Old Jack Final_1469

So this past weekend was pretty good, hectic though !  We had photos in one of our photography clubs photo display this weekend at the Quinte Mall.  Photo-Nat photography club to be precise.  Every year our members display their photos in the hopes of increasing our membership and to display our work.  We also volunteer to man OR woman the display booth lol.   The photos were all fantastic, a lot of talent in this group of people.   It was a great weekend and I think we did acquire some new members but we will see when we have our next meeting, which is Wednesday 27 February.  Our guest speaker will be Mark Raycroft who is an awesome speaker.  He has written books on wildlife, more specifically moose and deer and also has a Podcast called Wild and Exposed.

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Photo-Nat Photo Club Display @ Quinte Mall Belleville

It’s that time of year again.  One of our photo clubs, which is a naturalist club, is doing a photo show.  No we aren’t nude…………..but you can only display nature photos, wildlife, landscapes, flowers, insects etc.

As they say, “No hand of man” may be shown in your photos.  This is okay by me, it’s my favourite kind of photography.

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Brighton Photo Group Field Day Trip !

Off to the RCAF Museum at 8 Wing Trenton    better known as the National Air Force Museum of Canada.  We were to meet others from our Brighton Photo Group for our Field Day.  Cameras – check; Tripods – check; money for lunch – check !  All ready to go – Check !

Our goal today, (other than have fun and go for lunch)………was:

“to use selective focus to isolate your image. And to add an extra dimension, you’ll be challenged to photograph geometric shapes of aircraft bits and pieces. For example, when looking at the “silver dart,” photograph the triangular shapes of the struts and supports, isolating them from the background to make a work of art.”

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