Algonquin Park – A trail we like

Clint took this photo of me relaxing after our uphill hike

When we were in the park last fall (2021) we did a lot of hiking. We love walking in the bush/forest in this park, always something to see or discover. Algonquin Park has published trails, about 15 trails anywhere from 1 km in length to 11 km in length. We have done all of these trails, more than once, but we have some of our “own” trails that we have discovered over the years. Now 11 kms might not seem long but it can take 4-5 hours to complete. These are trails through the bush, up and down, over rocks, stumps, roots etc. People can usually walk one km in 10-15 minutes depending on the terrain but on some of these trails (or parts of a trail) it could take 15-30 minutes to complete one km. I should mention there are also Overnight Backpacking trails: Highland Trail which has loops of 19 and 35 kms and there is also the Western Uplands which has loops 32 – 88 kms long. Now these are the trails on the Highway 60 Corridor of Algonquin Park but the Park is much bigger than just this section.

Anyways, one of the trails we like to go on ….. some photos now!

Hope you enjoyed a look at this trail, I think it’s about a 50 minute hike to the top and then you can hang around up there for a bit, which we do.

Take care….

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