County Beer Fest and Waring House – October 2018


I love beer festivals, I know, that’s hard to believe but I DO !   So anyways, off we go to the County to the Crystal Palace in Picton for the County Beer Festival.  One problem, it’s freaking cold today and crappy but you know what they say, get a cold beer into you and it’ll warm you right up…………

They had maybe 18-19 booths inside the Crystal Palace for the beer booths and other booths.  They had a tent outside where all the food booths were located and a big stage out the side door where there was live music.  Sadly, I did not see anyone watching the stage.  I’m not kidding when I say it was cold and rainy, did I mention rain?  I saw people in snow pants and hats mitts scarfs umbrellas etc.  Poor Festival.

Andddddd…….my apologies again, I did not take my camera, so these are crappy cell phone photos.  ALSO, I was so cold that I really didn’t care about taking photos !

We liked this booth !

We had a couple of beer tastings but my favourite was having a hot chocolate pumped up with spices and rum from Kinsip Distillery  I rarely drink liquor, in fact I can’t remember the last time I drank something other than beer or wine, but this beverage was good !  Probably cause I was cold.  Some of the other breweries that were there, off the top of my head………..555 Brewery, Signal, Prince Eddy’s, Skeleton Brewery, Napanee Beer Company, Midtown, and I can’t remember the others.  There were also a couple of cider booths; I don’t do cider………..

We ran into Erin again, she was working the drink coupon table.   Also, we met a couple of sisters from this area and the other from Sarnia.  We had a great chat with them.


We weren’t there too long as we wanted to stop at the Waring House for lunch.  This place was Halloween crazy………..I can’t begin to describe the decorations they have up.  All through the bar area, restaurant, hallways and upstairs they have 3 bedrooms done up that you can walk into.  It was fantastic, an awesome job by whoever the interior decorator is !  Kudos to you young lady, or man…………..

Here are some photos from upstairs.  One room had a Stephen King’s “It” theme.


Not only that, the lunch was terrific.  One of the best sandwiches I have had and their sweet potato fries are the best.  Clint had homemade soup and a pasta dish.  Really enjoyed it AND all the staff were dressed up for Halloween.

Just a fantastic Halloween stop.   If you get the chance, head there before Halloween and also that other place on the road from Belleville to Wellington.  The place that has a huge outdoor display which I blogged about on my Wellington Pumpkin Festival Blog.  If you are into Halloween…………………….

Photos of the bar, dining room and hallways downstairs.



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