Maple in the County – March 2019

Well this Blog is a bit overdue as we did this two weeks ago but I have been laid up so just getting around to it now ! (Plus I FORGOT until I was going through some photos this morning)

Maple in the County is a yearly event held in Prince Edward County, Ontario.  We try to go every year and it’s always a fun day.

Walt’s Sugar Shack

We started out the day nice and early and headed to Walt’s Sugar Shack for a pancake breakfast.  This is a great spot; they have live bands, facepainting, product sales, wagon rides and a plethora of other activities !

We drove to Strictly Maple another sugar bush just to check it out as we hadn’t been there before. Since we had already eaten, we did not eat again.

Onwards to Sandbanks Winery where we did a bit of shopping.  A couple of bottles of wine, Empire cheese and some Cressy mustards.    Sandbanks Winery is my favourite winery in the County, sorry other wineries…………..  And we love Cressy mustards.

Sandbanks Winery

Everyone who knows me knows that I love moose so how cute is this sculpture outside the winery?

Sandbanks Winery Moose Sculpture

Next on our stop was Karlo Estates.  It’s a unique winery located in an old barn and I love old barns.

Karlo Estates
Just as you enter Karlo Estates, the tasting room is to the right

We decided to head to Wellington for lunch.  On the way in to Wellington, we stopped at the Wellington Bakery for some bread and treats to take home.  We love this bakery, they have such great products.

It was still a little early for lunch so went into Midtown Brewery, just around the corner from the restaurant and sat at the bar.  Watching soccer and drinking a beer hit the spot!  I love the ambience of this brewery.  It’s a great place for an afternoon visit and drink.

Wall Art – Remember this guy?
IPA – I love IPAs!

We were there quite a while before walking over to East Main Bistro for lunch.  I have always liked this restaurant and we need to come here more often.

Pickerel sandwich and fries at East Main Bistro
Prince Eddy’s Brewing Company beer, another favourite

Let’s see where else did we go?  We stopped in at Nyman Farms, another maple syrup bush place.  We didn’t eat pancakes again but we usually stop to see all the baby lambs, cows, goats etc there.  Pretty muddy out there as it poured rain the day before all day.  They have a sign in front of the tent, hard to read on here but it says “Unattended kids will be given unlimited maple syrup and a baby lamb”

Nyman Farms
This little cow has an alien looking eye doesn’t he?
This cracked me up, they have hay inside their pens to eat too
So cute

A couple of more stops and then we headed home.  We had heard about a new brewery called Strange Brew so went there for a look.   They had a sour beer and I have said before and I’ll say it again, I do NOT like sour beer and I honestly don’t see the point of it lol.  But…….he had a sour beer with the coolest label.  Pic below.

Located in the back of a house
They had a Brewery cat just chillin’ by the woodstove !
Sweet Label !

Our last stop before heading home was to nip into Barley Days Brewery and pick up some maple flavoured seasonal beers.


So that ended another year of Maple In The County or as I like to call it………Maplelicious.


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