Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Big Trip 2019


Friday 7 June  – 28 Celsius  with light clouds. We left at nine in the morning and pretty much drove straight through.  We arrived around 4 PM at Brunswick campgrounds which was a 20 to 30 minute drive from Myrtle Beach. It’s a Good Sam club and we paid $55 night but good Sam gave us 10% off although we ended up paying a 2.5% fee on using a credit card. Phew……………confusing, am I right?

It’s a nice park but not very big and we got a pull through site. We weren’t staying here long.

Saturday 8 June –  sunny and very hot and then started raining at 3 PM, then cooled off. We got up early and drove through North Myrtle Beach and then to Myrtle Beach. Lots of stores, elaborate mini-golf places. Very touristy and very busy.  Drove up and down the beach area and got out once to look at the ocean. We played miniature golf at Mt Atlanticus Minotaur Golf Land .  They had two courses which came to $30 total for us to play.  And they were super spectacular courses!  We played the Minotaur 18-hole first and then the 18-hole Conch course. I like the Minotaur course better. We would climb and climb and climb up to different levels, pretty good.   Lots of fun.


We left and drove to Atlas Pub for lunch but they had no free parking and it was 25$ for a day or $10 for four hours.  I think we’ll pass.  We just wanted a nice place to have lunch.

We ended up driving to downtown Myrtle Beach and parked for free and went to the Brass Tap for lunch. We sat outside and had a flight and lunch. It was a terrific lunch. Clint had a Buffalo Wrap/fries and I had a wonderful salad and Southwest chicken flatbread.  We really enjoyed it and probably one of the better meals I had on this trip.

LR Exported Myrtle Beach SC-1

We walked around in this area and of course there were lots of stores and one of the stores had beautiful flowers out in front.

LR Exported Myrtle Beach SC-3

That was it for Myrtle Beach, not really my thing.  I don’t know why, lots of people come here for a holiday but I wasn’t really keen on it.

We are leaving for Charleston, South Carolina tomorrow.

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