Kitty Hawk, North Carolina – Big Trip 2019

Wednesday 5 June – sunny with a high 28-30 Celsius today.    We left Williamsburg and got to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in about four hours.  The States are pretty close together, doesn’t take long to get from one to another.   Not like the provinces in Canada.

Side Note  –  Here are some key facts about Ontario’s geography, which is where I live.  The longest east-west distance in Ontario is 1,568 kilometres (974 miles). The longest north-south distance is 1,691 kilometres (1,050 miles).  It would take 24 hours of non-stop driving to get across the province of Ontario.  And Ontario is not even our largest province or territory.  Quebec is our largest.

LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-12

We stayed at a small RV park called Kitty Hawk.  It was all sand. Not very many trailers here,  just one row on either side of a sand road. We stayed at the second last site on the right at $70 a night. No Wi-Fi, no garbage, no showers, no bathrooms; meaning you have to be self containing to stay here.  We were right across the road from the ocean.

LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-32
Home away from Home
LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-24
The road parallel to the water

After we set up, we drove to the Wright Brothers Museum  and displays. It’s a pretty nice place and we walked through the museum and around the grounds, reading all the display panels and information.  Then we walked over to see where the first flight took place. Very cool all these historical spots.  It’s very pleasant here but also extremely windy.

LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-2
See the reproduction in below photo


LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-4
Monument from a distance
LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-7
Visitor Centre

LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-9


We left there and drove up to the little town of Duck and got information on the ferry at the north end.  We wanted to have all the timings for when and/or if we took it.

Then we went to OBX Brewery and tried some beer, it was okay. Clint did have a soup while we were there. We left and went to another tavern and I can’t remember the name and we had dinner there. The dinner was okay,  I have to say the food hasn’t, generally speaking, been that great on this trip so far.


By the way, I did not know this but OBX stands for Outer Banks. My claim to loving Trivia is slowly fading.

Thursday 6 June – 30 Celsius and sunny but it did rain later in the afternoon.  We drove to the ferry at the south end of Hatteras to take the ferry to Ocracoke where Blackbeard was supposed to have been. There were so, so many cars waiting in the line up. Unbelievable. And we got up super early to do this. The guy working there said we would have to wait at least three or four ferries before we would get on a ferry.  That would take quite a long time so we left.

LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-36
Just a view of the area
LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-34
Nice houses

Instead, we drove to Cape Hatteras lighthouse and Museum. And we stopped at another lighthouse on the way but I forget the name. Cape Hatteras is known for being the tallest brick lighthouse in North America.

LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-20

LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-21
A beach we stopped at

We drove to Manteno on Roanoke Island. While there we went to the Lost Colony Museum, watched a movie, walked outside and saw the ruins of the colony.  Sad story.

A colony of 110 settlers set up a community on Roanoke Island.  They built houses, churches and made their settlement home.  The Captain of the Expedition, John White, returned to England for supplies and when he returned, there was no sign of the settlement.  It had vanished leaving no trace of the 100 settlers who had lived there.  The fate of the Lost Colonists is still unresolved to this day.    There is a beautiful outdoor theater  by the water.  This is where they reenact the play about the Lost Colonists.

LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-27
Outdoor Theatre by the water

LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-26

The Elizabethan Gardens were close by but we ended up not going there. On our way from Roanoke Island to Myrtle Beach, we passed a town called Trenton on the Trent River, South Carolina!.  That is so funny,  a 10 minute drive from where we live, is a city called Trenton and it’s also on a Trent River.

We also saw signs saying beware of bears and red wolves. I found this weird.  This doesn’t seem like a bear or wolf area but who knows.

We drove to a little town to the Lost Colony Brewery and we each tried 4 tasters. Some of the beer was really good, all were okay. We ended up having dinner there, steak sandwiches, pulled pork sandwiches and onion rings.  It was  pretty good food and a cute little bar.

LR Exported Kittyhawk NC-28

As we were getting ready to leave,  it started to rain.  I guess because we are close to the ocean?

Tomorrow we head to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

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