Williamsburg, Virginia – Big Trip 2019

Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later…………….

LR Exported Williamsburg PA-8

Sunday, 2 June – sunny and a high of 31 Celsius!   Today we are off to Williamsburg, Virginia.    We got to Ed Allens campground,which is a few miles outside Williamsburg. We stayed for three nights at $30 a night. It was very rustic but the sites are great with lots of trees. There was hardly anyone here. It’s a nice place, a non-KOA type place.

Ed Allen’s Campground

We drove into Williamsburg to the historic area and walked all around. Nice wide roads and no cars allowed. Lots of old buildings which were turned into stores and bars and restaurants. Some of the buildings you had to pay to go into and it was $40 each to get a ticket so we did not bother.  We just walked up and down the streets and into a couple of stores.

LR Exported Williamsburg PA-9LR Exported Williamsburg PA-7


LR Exported Williamsburg PA-32
Dudley Digges House circa 1760


LR Exported Williamsburg PA-33
Custom House circa 1720

We decided to grab a bite at the  Dog Street Pub and had fish and chips, curry shrimp, pea soup and beer. The food was so-so, not great but the atmosphere was nice.

LR Exported Williamsburg PA-14
Outside of the Dog Street Pub
LR Exported Williamsburg PA-11
Inside the Dog Street  Pub

We dropped into Alewerks Brewery for a visit.

LR Exported Williamsburg PA-2LR Exported Williamsburg PA-1

Monday 3 June –  sunny and up to 28 Celsius.  Drove to Jamestown and went to the site of the old fort. They have a bunch of archaeological digs going on. Only the church is reconstructed so far. We went through the museum and watched a movie and saw lots of old items. It’s a really nice spot by the water. We only paid five dollars each as we had our National Parks pass.

LR Exported Williamsburg PA-27



LR Exported Williamsburg PA-21
Visitor Centre


Then we drove the loop down to the point, it was an okay drive but nothing to see except two deer. A guy we talked to said it was the best drive he’s ever been on; so we went. I guess he hasn’t been on any other drives. Then we left there and went to Yorktown to the Visitor Center and we ended up getting in free as the cash registers weren’t working.

LR Exported Williamsburg PA-30
Visitor Centre
LR Exported Williamsburg PA-35
French soldiers killed during the siege of Yorktown (Revolutionary War)

LR Exported Williamsburg PA-26LR Exported Williamsburg PA-25

After, we drove through town and spotted a huge monument, we stopped on the way.  We came back to the big Monument Park and parked and then walked the old Main Street, no cars allowed.


We walked to the end and caught the trolley back. This was all a Revolutionary War area. We drove around all the battlefields where the French and American and English were fighting. We left and stopped at the Brass Cannon Brewery, a  newer place and I liked one of the IPAs and I bought four before I realized the price. It was $32 for four cans. It was okay beer but not $32 worth of beer.  And that was in U.S. dollars.  Lesson learned.

Inside of Brass Cannon Brewing Co
LR Exported Williamsburg PA-36
Brass Canyon Brewing Co.

Then off to Virginia Beer Company where we got a flight of beer and sat outside. We did not care for their beer at all.  Big thunderstorm happened in the middle of the night !


Tuesday 4 June –  sunny and 25 Celsius.  We got a late start and  we went to the other Jamestown fort which costs 17.99 each to get in. It was a re-created Fort which included the Fort and a Powhatan Village and 3 ships;  Susan Constance, Godspeed and Discovery. It was a pretty lame fort and displays, I like the original Fort a lot better even though there really wasn’t any buildings there.  This was the Hollywood version.

LR Exported Williamsburg PA-42



LR Exported Williamsburg PA-43
Powhatan Village

LR Exported Williamsburg PA-47

They had people dressed in period costume all through the Fort



Just down the road from the fort was the Billsburg Brewery. We shared a flight and I really like their lager the best. It’s a nice spot right by the Marina.


Well some history and some beer and on our way again.  Tomorrow we are off to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

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