Warkworth Lilac Festival – May 2018


The Warkworth Lilac Festival is held every year in May.   Warkworth is a cute town hosting several events throughout the year.  Art in the Park, Maple Syrup Festival, Pie Baking Contest and of course the Lilac Festival, to name a few.

They also have the Warkworth Lilac Festival Photo Contest, which Clint and I both entered.  You can enter 3 photos of anything and/or 2 photos of lilacs.  Entry fee is $30.  I did not have any lilac photos so I put in 3 of my other ones.  We went to the festival this year as one of my photos was selected as one of the 25 finalists.   The link for the Photo Contest (above) has a slide show of all  the photos entered, winners and finalists.

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