Warkworth Lilac Festival – May 2018


The Warkworth Lilac Festival is held every year in May.   Warkworth is a cute town hosting several events throughout the year.  Art in the Park, Maple Syrup Festival, Pie Baking Contest and of course the Lilac Festival, to name a few.

They also have the Warkworth Lilac Festival Photo Contest, which Clint and I both entered.  You can enter 3 photos of anything and/or 2 photos of lilacs.  Entry fee is $30.  I did not have any lilac photos so I put in 3 of my other ones.  We went to the festival this year as one of my photos was selected as one of the 25 finalists.   The link for the Photo Contest (above) has a slide show of all  the photos entered, winners and finalists.

Clint and I each entered 3 photos for the contest.  Only my fox kits (below)was chosen from our six combined photos.


Here are my other two – 2 moose early morning in Algonquin Park

Algonquin Dawn_228

And my last one was a little Rock Squirrel from Alberta

Snack Time_229

And here are Clint’s three photos.

Lilac Fest 2018-4_232

Lilac Fest 2018-3_231

Lilac Fest 2018-1_230

The awards ceremony was Saturday morning for the photo contest.  We went earlier and walked the Millenium Trail stopping at different arts/crafts booths along the way and taking pictures of lilacs.  The trail is beautiful and well kept, running alongside Mill Creek.  The trail is a 2.6 km (wheelchair accessible)  Volunteers from this annual festival  have planted over 300 lilacs in 65 different varieties.



As we walked the trail, we took some lilac photos for next year.  I noticed they had a couple of trees with this sign standing beside them.  As indicated, beavers like lilacs too and have chewed off the tops of a couple of lilac trees.  Kind of funny.

There were several events/activities which included a horse and wagon ride, Lilac Bouquet contest, Mad Hatter Tea, different vendors and much more.  They even had a purple piano set up downtown for anyone to play.  A few photos below of our day.



Set up by one of the vendors on the trail, little creepy, not gonna lie
This is where the photo display was and this is looking out towards the street


So there is always next year to enjoy the festival and enter some more photos !  Maybe I’ll win although honestly my fox kits photo is so cute, I am a little surprised it didn’t haha !

Anyways there is always next year and new pictures to take so looking forward to that.

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