Old Church Theatre – Home of the Roy Bonisteel Studio


I have written about the Old Church Theatre under the heading Local Fun on my homepage of my Blog.  But I wanted to put it out as a independent Blog so people could read about this wonderful venue for entertainment.  This is, without question, one of my favourite places to go for entertainment.  The church is old and started in 1876 as a Methodist Church.  In 1994, Roy Bonisteel purchased, renovated and restored the building.  Today, Lesley Bonisteel and Brian Weston ensure there is a variety of musical entertainment as well as plays and other activities.  If you are in the local area, this is a place you must visit.

They offer local Prince Edward County wine and different Ontario Craft beers. Brian is a wonderful bartender (and announcer) and always gives us a few good laughs during the evening.  A great guy……….plus he has beer !

I don’t remember how many times we have been to the Church, but it has been a lot.   The Church is small and homey, and no you don’t sit in pews……….. Lesley ensures everyone feels comfortable and even passes out baskets of popcorn or chips making sure everyone has a wonderful time.

I plan on taking a photo of the outside of the building next time I go as I always forget to do that and the church is a wonderful building.  And for the record, the photos posted in this blog are not the best as I used my IPhone for all of them.  Some people can take great photos with their IPhones; I am not that person.   I need my Nikon and I should take it with me when I go.   Having said all THAT,  I don’t always take photos or even remember who we saw as we have been going there for a long time.  But we have never been disappointed.  They usually have something every evening and/or afternoon Wednesdays through Sundays.  (I don’t believe I have seen anything Mondays or Tuesdays, unless it’s a special event or activity.)

In February 2017 we saw Michael Schatte and Shawn Dore.  Great music and evening.  Michael Schatte is  a phenomenal guitarist.

Lynn Hanson, was fabulous !  She has played the Old Church a couple of times now. Hope to see her again too.

At the Old Church April 2017 we had the pleasure to see Kelly Trottier.    Really enjoyed her show, she plays fiddle, step dances and sings !  How can you not love that.



We went to see Michael Schatte again that year,  He is one of the most talented guitarists we have ever seen.  If you ever get the chance to see him, no matter where he is playing, check him out, you will not be disappointed and will want to see him again and again.




Another memorable performance we saw was by  Lenni Stewart on Remembrance Day in 2017.  She was spectacular, what a great show she put on.  I would definitely see her again.    Such a great person and wonderful entertainer.  Her songs are from the first half of the 20th century specializing in the music of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s which includes Jazz, Broadway, Swing, Blues and more.


Inside the Old Church watching the Fiddleheads


The Fiddleheads, a local band, has played here, ometime in 2017 I think?

I love this band, such an uplifting cross of Celtic/Newfoundland-ish music, really upbeat and the feel of a party.

The photo above gives you a look at the inside of the Church.




Sean McCann, formerly of Great Big Sea performed there this year and he was also terrific.  He is a great performer and we really enjoyed it.  I bought his latest CD and he threw in an Adult Colouring Book lol.   I like the B&W that I did of Sean and then of course the prerequisite photo that Clint took of Sean and myself.



One Sunday afternoon we went to see Rhett Willis and Northern Voodoo.  Dan Bone was there but I don’t remember anyone else’s name to be honest.  But what an afternoon !  Very enjoyable and this was a Pass the Hat event, well worth every dollar.


Let’s see who else?

Kim Doolittle, Dyland Ireland, Shane Cook, Joey Wright, Joseph Phillips and I can’t remember anymore people.  These people have all played here, either solo or in groups.

We were in the audience one evening for 3 –  One Act plays and they were quite entertaining.  Well done.

Last weekend we were there Friday night to see Over the Moon.  This is a duo from Alberta and they were quite good, very funny and personable with their stories and songs.   They were really a sweet couple and I enjoyed the evening.  I loved their signage and that microphone! , it was quite something.    We did bring home one of their CD’s, as Brian always says, Christmas is right around the corner !  Although this was for us so that didn’t work out so well for a Christmas present.


Coming up soon, we are going to see Neema. She was mentored by Leonard Cohen and I am looking forward to this show.

I can’t remember all the performers we have seen at this venue.  But we have enjoyed each and every one, some more than others, but we have never been disappointed.  Highly recommend this venue for your entertainment needs.  Tickets can be purchased online.

So stop in and take a listen !


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