Restoule Provincial Park – 25-28 June – Summer 2018


Off to Restoule Provincial Park !  We have not been to this park so we are excited to see what it’s all about.  On the way to the park we stopped at Highlander Brewery, they make Clint’s favourite beer at this brewery so he’s happy to be stopping in.  They had about 8 different types but sadly, for me, no IPAs.  We did try most of them, Clint liked this brewery more than I did.  It’s a huge building right on the highway and the most beautiful quilts were hung on the wall.


We asked about a good place to go for lunch so they said Sherri’s Diner across the street.  So off to Sherri’s we went……………it was …………..okay.  That’s all I have to say because the people working there were really nice.

We stayed at the Kettle Point campground in Restoule on site 420.  It’s a nice park, beautiful orange and yellow wildflowers all over the place.   We put our canoe in at the Stormy Lake Boat Launch and there was a huge snake lurking around in the water.  Not sure what kind but most definitely not a garter snake lol.  We paddled to the right of the bay to see the Bluffs which was their highlight I suppose you’d say.  They are not like the bluffs at Bon Echo Provincial park for sure but it was a nice paddle nonetheless.  We carried our canoe through a backcountry site, no one was on it, and went into Hazel Lake.  A small little lake which had a subdivision for beavers.  I have never seen so many beaver houses in one spot, it was quite something.  And yet, no beavers.  Guess they are all sleeping.    They do have a lot of deer in the park and we saw a few.


WE paddled over to this beach for a rest prior to portaging to Hazel Lake
The Bluffs at Restoule
Boat Launch where we saw a huge snake !

The bugs were really bad so we didn’t do the Firetower trail but we did walk along the river that connects Stormy Lake and Restoule Lake.  We saw a Merganser duck and her 10 little babies and a Canada Goose family who also had 10 little babies.  It was funny to watch the Merganser mom and her kids.  She would climb up onto a rock and they would all scramble to get up there with her.  Some of the little guys had a hard time getting up the rocks.  What was even funnier is when we saw the Canada Goose and the parents and kids all scrambled up the embankment except for one little guy.  He tried and tried and couldn’t do it and finally he swam further along the shoreline and found an easier spot to climb.  But, he still had a lot of trouble getting up those rocks.


You can see the one little guy trying to get up on the rock with Mom


These are some of them getting up the shoreline
This little guy couldn’t do it, he swam further along the shoreline and still had a struggle
Help Me !


Went for a bike ride all around the campground and met a Park Ranger named Grant.  Later that evening as we were sitting outside by our campfire, Grant stopped by to chat.  Really nice guy and yes he was actually WALKING through the campground checking things out.  Usually they just drive through so this is the first time we have seen a Parks Ranger walking through.   I think they can get a better idea of what’s going on when they walk versus driving.

There is the small town of Restoule just outside the park, very small town.  We stopped in at Gerry’s General Store and bought some adult root beer and cream soda.  Not a fan but I have always wanted to try them.

Not a lot to do in this park unless you are into boating/fishing or like the beach.  We spent a lot of time at the river photographing the ducks.  We also paddled part of the river, we had to portage around one very rocky spot.  As we turned the corner of the river into the lake, we spotted three deer drinking at the shoreline and a heron sitting just beside them.  Those deer are fast, I barely spotted them and they were gone.

He could have gotten to know us first !


We were only here three nights and then we left for Grundy Lake Provincial park.

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