Signal Brewery – Corbyville, Ontario

I love this place and although I write about breweries under the heading “Who doesn’t Love Microbreweries” I feel compelled to write a quick blog blurb here also about this particular brewery which is located where I live.  SIGNAL BREWERY !   


This photo was taken at a festival at the Crystal Palace in Picton, Ontario.  My husband told me this photo was not taken at the Crystal Palace.   I have no clue where this was lol but I guess when you drink a bottle of beer this big, you tend to forget 😉

I wrote the following after our first visit to Signal Brewery.

Signal Brewing Company Corbyville, Ontario   This is a fantastic location.  They renovated the old Corbyville Distilleries and made it into a brewery/restaurant.  They did leave as much original architecture as possible and it’s a fantastic venue.  Beautiful brick walls and a terrific view out of their many windows.  Set on the Moira River, they have a wonderful outdoor seating area right on the water.  We tried three of their beer that they had on tap.  There were two I liked but one tasted a tad watery and not much flavour.  So Radiowave, no go;  but the Wave New England Pale Ale and Byte IPA were quite tasty.  They are releasing another beer soon, a Stout or Porter I think.   The owner is a very nice man and when he came over to talk to us, he asked how we liked the beer and we told him.  He was not offended at all that we did not care for his one brew.  That is a sign of a good business person and someone who truly wants to know what his customers think/like.  It was a pleasure to talk to him.  The food is okay, a lot of people have told me they think it’s quite expensive but I thought for the most part, their prices were reasonable and in line with other restaurants.  For example, a bowl of soup and a half flatbread were $12; just a bowl of soup was $6.  I think their entrees might be a little overpriced but you know, you aren’t eating there every day.  I do love this spot and will definitely be making it a place to drop in on for an afternoon.

Now on to the new stuff………………….

Update:  We have been to this brewery several times now.  Clint and I like to drop in and sit at the bar.  We have our favourite beers now and we quite often split a flatbread and soup.

Just for the heck of it –  We like their flatbreads and we have spent many an afternoon partaking of brew and flatbreads (with soup.)   My husband loves soup but I do love their flatbreads.  It’s a nice venue and we really enjoy it.

St Patrick’s Day Event –  We spent a fun St Patrick’s Day evening here, drinking beer and throwing axes.  Who knew that could be so much fun ?  Here is a beer, here is an axe, go throw it.  Apparently axe throwing is a thing now.  We actually have two businesses open up locally and they have axe throwing leagues.  AxesandAllies from Trenton, Ontario set up a tent at Signal Brewery out on the patio and they had two lanes set up.  Not sure if you call them lanes but you get the idea.  It was quite a lot of fun.   A local band called the Fiddleheads played and as usual they were terrific.  There were 8 of us and we all had dinner first.  Most of us liked our food, I think only one person had complaints.  They had firepits set up outside so you could go out and make your own s’mores.


Mother of All Craft Shows  –  Every year we attend the Mother of All Craft Shows     They hold it the weekend before Mother’s Day weekend.  We spent a lovely couple of hours perusing all the vendors at this event.  I believe they had 70 vendors, or thereabouts.  The booths were set up outside by the river and booths were inside Signal Brewery and also inside the building next to Signal.

Sidenote:   This building is called Henry’s Place (formerly the River Inn) and apparently Richard, who owns Signal, has purchased it and is going to turn it into a steakhouse.


The Craft Show also food trucks this year !  JerkeBago is one of my favourites.    This photo below is inside Signal Brewery, you can see some of the tables set up for the craft show.  We were sitting at the bar at this point !



Mother’s Day Weekend  –   Our son and daughter-in-law were down for Mothers Day weekend and they had never been to Signal Brewery but of course I had raved about it to them.  They were interested to go,  so we took them Saturday afternoon which turned out to be a beautiful day.  AND they bought us lunch !  For Mother’s Day and my birthday (which was the week before).  Thanks Jay and Amanda !  And yup, I had flatbreads again.  Today’s flatbread was smoked brisket and roasted corn.  Last weekend it was sausage and small tomatoes.   So good.   Their patio is located right on the Moira River.  It’s a large patio and the view is great.  They now have a huge smoker outside at the side of the building and so now they are smoking all their meat.

Above photos show FLATBREAD and soup which was a Watermelon Gazpacho; tomatoes and garlic with foccacio bread and smoked ribs with potato salad.  Terrific lunch.

So people, if you are in the area or ever come to this area (Quinte Area) you should drop in and check it out.  One of my favourite spots for sure.

6 thoughts on “Signal Brewery – Corbyville, Ontario”

  1. I loved this brewery! I’m so glad you found it and took me and Jay there. I would go here every time we visit you. The food, the location, the beer, everything was amazing!


    1. I am so glad you guys liked it, it’s a favourite place of ours ! We enjoyed our afternoon with you guys and thanks for picking up the tab ! We will have to go again when you come visit.


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    1. Hi ! Yes I know I should but we travel A LOT and we don’t have access to a computer or quite often, cell service. We were just gone again for a month and home yesterday. I like to download my photos when I get home and it doesnt take me long to do it once I get here! But thank you for having an interest in my Blog.


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