Gut Conservation Area and The Chutes Provincial Nature Reserve – 20 August 2020

Thursday we headed out at o’dark thirty in the morning, my way of saying REALLY early and drove up to, and past, Havelock to go to the Gut Conservation Area.


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Day Trip – The Miner’s Loop

We went for a drive Saturday, wanting to hit some of our favourite local spots.  The first place we went was Callaghan’s Rapids Conservation Area. 

We got there and the parking lot was full and the cars were parked up and down the road leading to the parking lot.  Perhaps we’ll go another time, we didn’t even get out of the truck.  We should have known better, it’s a Saturday and pretty stinking hot!  I’m not sure but I think it was mid to high 30’s (Celsius)

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Have you checked out my Photo Gallery yet?

Hello !

How is everyone?   We are traveling and photographing right now !   Hope to be back and Blogging with some new travel information and a lot more photos.

In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out my Photo Gallery yet, take a look !

Here are a few examples, below, of my photography.  Enjoy!

Tern at Presquile Provincial park
Merganser Family at Algonquin Provincial Park
Raven at Algonquin Provincial Park
Moose at Algonquin Park
Along the Millenium Trail in Prince Edward County
Along the Millenium Trail in Prince Edward County
Gosling Algonquin Park
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LR Exported-2_01
Coyote in Grasslands National Park
Thirsty Foxes_02
Foxes Algonquin Park
Heron in Algonquin park
Victoria Yellow Flower
Taken in Victoria, British Columbia

Don’t forget to check out more of my photos at my Gallery…………

INDIA – Day 9 -Jaipur to Mandawa – Revisited…….

Well travel has been pretty a No Go for a few months now.  I have been lately looking back at older Blogs and photos and reminiscing about travel.  We went to India in November 2018 and what a great trip!   Here is a Revisit of Day 9 of that trip, I would love to go back to India and see more and do more.  Maybe one day………….

Day Nine –

Wow the time here in India is going so fast.  We start our trip home tomorrow night, so hard to believe this time has gone so quickly.  We left today at 915 for Mandawa  Here are some photos on our drive to Mandawa, the drive took about 5 hours.

India D7100-1294_1164

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Photography Show – February 2020 – My Photos – Revisited………….

Thought I would share a post from February.  We are in a Photo Club that does a Photo Show every February.  These are mine from this year.  Due to Covid, who knows if we will have a photo show next February or how often I will get out and get some photos to choose from.  So ……………. Enjoy……………

California Black Bird
Black Bird taken in Monterey, California

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