Some of my favourite Websites, Bloggers, etc………………

Today I thought I would share some favourites of mine.

First and foremost is a Podcast that my son is involved in.  He and two friends, all live in Toronto, are creators of The ComPOSERS – The Movie Score Podcast.  They combine their love of music and movies and there is much animated discussion.  For full transparency, they do swear, so if that’s not your thing, please don’t listen !  I mean three youngish guys living in Toronto, not surprising. They have a few short animated clips on YouTube that I think are so well done.  If you knew these three guys, you would know them as their “cartoony” characters right away.  Enjoy.


Some Blogs that I like:

Melissa lives in Perth, Australia but travels when she can all over the world.  Your Travel Handbook 

Diane lives in the USA and posts terrific recipes for any level of cooking skills.  I love reading her recipes and trying some out.  Her recipes include explicit instructions and photos so you can’t go wrong. and she will answer you back right away if you have any questions/comments.   In Diane’s Kitchen.  

Rachel is another great travel Blogger.  The Historic Traveler   who travels Europe and has great information if you are thinking of heading over the pond.  Hopefully one day, Clint and I will be able to put her info to good use !

Kara and Bailey (USA) are two other traveling Bloggers who have great information to share and stories to tell.  Peacoat Travels  They include photos and how to buy tickets, how to get places, history of the just everything you need to know all wrapped up.

The Uncorked Librarian is another Blog I love to read.   She does love her books and her wine !  She travels around the world looking for a good read and a good wine to go with that good read.  Check her out.


Wild and Exposed   Mark Raycroft (Canadian) and three other fellows (Americans) travel extensively, particularly the far North.   They have published over 10,000 photos, have been on over 500 Covers, published in National Geographic and over 50 other magazines. and they have had footage shown on Discovery, Animal Planet and National Geographic Channels.  I was fortunate to hear Mark speak a couple of years ago at one of the Photo Clubs I belong to.  He is an engaging speaker and his photos are incredible.  Oh and did I mention he writes books?

Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe  I love his podcasts.  Stuart passed away in February 2017 but his podcasts are wonderful.  If you have not heard of him or listened to his Podcasts, please do.  We were fortunate enough to see him perform in our hometown and the show was a sellout as it always it.  I am so glad I was able to see him in person once.  We still listen to his podcasts even though we have already listened to them all !

If anyone has any great Podcasts, Blogs or whatnot that you think is great, let me know!  I will check them out and give a shout out on one my Blogs.

I do have more but maybe I will save them for another time…………Stay tuned !



Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 4 – 2004 Summer of the Bears

Algonquin Aug 2004161_1492

On continuing down memory lane……….during the winter months, my husband, sister and her husband and myself figure out where we would like to go next and what dates etc.  It was fun to research and decide the location in Algonquin Park.  This year we decided to go into Pen Lake.

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Back Country Canoe Trips, Part 3 – 2003

In continuing my trip down memory lane, here is another year of back country canoe tripping.

In late August 2003 we headed back to Algonquin Park for another back country canoe trip.  We decided this year to launch our canoes on to Grand Lake and then paddle into Carcajou Bay.  I believe there are only 4 sites on this bay, maybe 5.  At the back of the bay, there is a small waterfall and a portage that can take you into a number of other lakes.

Grand Lake starting point

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Gettysburg May 2019

So we have been spending the last few days in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. We have been touring battle sites , going to museums and a whole lot of other things! We also drove about an hour from here to see where the battle of Antietam occurred. Approximately 23,000 men were killed in a 12 hour battle. So sad this area is beautiful and it’s horrific to think of what happened in the early 1860s. They’ve done a great job with the Gettysburg national military Park. The monuments the grounds everything is just so well done. The park rangers are great to listen to and they know every detail rate down to the time of every event that occurred. During the three fateful days of July 1-3, 1863.

The old part of the town of Gettysburg is quite something to walk around. They have a lot of buildings that were here during that time, all have a bronze plaque by their front doors stating this fact.

We did a double Decker bus tour of the battlefields with our guide telling us every detail as we went along the roads. We also drove the battlefield roads a few times by yourselves. So much history here.

I only have my phone to work with for doing my blog. I’m going to try to put a few things on and will update when we get home and I can download pictures from my camera.

Algonquin Park Weekend – May 2019

Fine then

We leave soon for our “big” trip so I wanted to get a couple of days taking some photos in Algonquin before we leave.  We got up at o’dark thirty Saturday morning and off we went.  We were signed into our motel and into the park by 10 a.m.   Which was pretty good as it is a three hour drive and we have to stop for coffee!

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