Sharbot Lake Provincial Park – September 2020

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park was not a park I enjoyed. I don’t even really have any particular reasons why, you know sometimes you just don’t feel comfortable? My husband thought the park was unique and enjoyed his stay. They only have about 150 sites in this park and this park is very long and spread out. Sites are very open and not private and the campground is tiered in some areas. So from our site, we could see straight down to some other sites along the water. Kind of hard to explain, but this park is very hilly.

Sharbot Lake Provincial Park

Covid barriers 😦

You can paddle on Black Lake or Sharbot Lake, a short portage connects the two. We did not do any paddling here, we were only here 2 nights and spent our time doing other things.

There are only two trails, we did the Discovery Trail which is a little less than 2 km. Lots of up and down with some steep hills. A nice trail and you walk by, and can see, both the lakes.

Nice Beach

They have one other 0.5 km trail so not too much to do in this park. They do have a Beach and a Dog Beach; the Dog Beach is at the other end of the park, so quite a walk depending on where you are camping.

Silver Lake Provincial Park is not too far from this park, they have about 100 sites. We drove there twice and ended up walking on the Marsh Trail which was about 0.5 km along a boardwalk. It goes through a marsh at the east end of Silver Lake. This lake is about 9 km long and is the only lake in the park.

We also took a drive to Hungry Lake Conservation Area, we went down a dirt road to the end where we ran into private property and had to turn around. We stopped at Big Pond and saw a bunch of Cormorants, I love Cormies. We also saw a “herd” of grouse.

Big Pond
I love Cormorants, they are just chilling in the pond

Then on to Palmerston-Canonto Conservation Area, kind of a weird place. All kinds of trails through the woods yet no details or signage. So you had no way of knowing the route, mileage or anything else.

We like to just drive down whatever roads we come across and so we ended up on a bridge near Myers Cave and there was Georgia Lake on one side and Marble Lake on the other. Really cute spot and we did take some photos of a small cascades on the Marble Lake side.

Marble Lake

At Kashwakamak Lake we spotted two tiny islands and someone had built tiny little houses and a tiny lighthouse on it. Super cute. We drove through some other little towns like Ompah on our way back to the park.

Cute little miniatures

We were pretty close to Perth so we drove in to purchase some beer to take back to our trailer. We stopped at Weatherhead Brewery which was situated in an old Wampole Factory (pharmaceuticals), really unique spot and they had some beautiful decor on their walls and some lovely paintings. You weren’t allowed to stay, just purchase beer and leave so that’s just what we did.

We also stopped at Perth Brewery and bought a few cans, same scenario as Weatherhead, you purchased and left.

So there is lots to in the area but I wasn’t too keen on the campground and I likely won’t stay there again.

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