Moira River -Second paddle of the Week!

Heron flying away

We went twice last week to paddle the Moira River. The first time we headed to the right of the boat launch and this time we headed left to the end, well the end for us as there are rapids which sort of prohibit paddling. We may one day walk our canoe up and see where it goes!

I like Canada Geese, I know they are the birds everyone loves to hate but I don’t mind them and the goslings are super cute. These guys were relaxing on a strip of land in the water.

The guys just chillin’

We did see another snake but he was in the water swimming along so neither of us got a good photo. We also saw a beaver and his houses, herons, Bald Eagles, and more! It was a great day and the water was pretty calm, we did have quite a bit of wind when we paddled back to the launch. Around the corner from where we saw the snake there was a beaver house. We had seen the beaver earlier but I wasn’t fast enough to get a photo.

Beaver House
Flying Low
Heading towards the rapids and spotted this heron in the distance
Heron dance as he lands on a rock

As we approached the rapids, I saw two Bald Eagles in the tree to the left. I watched them for a long time while at the same time trying to photograph the heron. One time I looked up and one had flown off. A few minutes later the other one left and I was able to get a couple of shots.

Bald Eagles
Off to where there are no humans
Lots of turtles on the Moira
Beautiful spot
Great area to paddle
And here he is again

Heading back to the boat launch, you can see the bridge in the distance.

Moira River

So that was that, all in all a great day with the exception of the mosquitos which actually followed us out on the water! We had a reprieve on the paddle back as the wind was against us and kept them at bay.

Until next time……..

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