Voyageur Provincial Park – July 2022, Part Two

Parc Omega is a pretty short drive from Voyageur Provincial Park and if you have kids, they would love it. This is a park where you stay in your vehicle and the the animals roam free. I have been to parcs like this before but this one actually provides a lot of acreage for the animals to roam. You are allowed to feed carrots to some of the animals, you can take your own or buy some at their store. Some parts of the Park you can’t feed the animals and you have to keep your windows up in your vehicle.

They have a big store, restaurant etc and in that area you can get out of your vehicle but there are still deer hanging around. I used my cell phone a lot at the parc, this was a fun day not a wildlife photographing kinda day.

So it costs about $40.00 per adult and cheaper for Seniors or children but you can drive through the parc as many times as you want for the day you are there.

We took our own carrots but I ran out so we bought more at the store, I can’t recall how much they were a bag but it was a fair sized bag and I want to say maybe $8.00 a bag, not more. I know that seems like a lot but the money is for the animals, maintenance, staff etc so I am okay with that.

Just outside the park a couple of kms is the town of Montebello. It’s a cute place, we have stayed at a motel here one other time we came here. Lots of stores and restaurants, pretty popular place. We had lunch at Zouks Resto Pub

Another day we drove to Beau’s Brewery. We have been here before but not for a long time and this time we went they actually had a small room just inside the entrance with Dunrobin Distillery set up.

That’s that……….next stop…..Fitzroy Provincial Park. See you soon

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