Opemican National Park, Quebec – July 2022 – Part Two, Laniel and Temiskaming

Laniel is a small hamlet located about 20 minutes drive from the Park and sits at the outflow of Lake Kipawa where Route 101 crosses the Kipawa River. There was a spot to park and they had some really cool wall murals in the big parking lot. You can also park and take a trail down to the river.

We also spent some time the town of Temiskaming (90 minutes drive) and had lunch at Tem Rose, nice place. Temiskaming also has a museum, $5 each to get in. It does not take very long to walk through but it was interesting and just at the other side of the parking lot was a lovely trail that we walked, even though it was raining.

Well worth the walk! So next up, Part 3 where we spent a few hours at Obadjiwan–Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site.

See you soon….

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