Sudbury, Ontario – Summer of 2021

I love this wall, it was on the side of a Used Book Store

We were close to the city of Sudbury so we thought we would drive in and find some breweries which we did. But first we stopped at a Used Book Store, I am an avid reader and I need books! The brick store wall in the parking lot was painted with pictures and they were very cute and well done.

I loved this wall also !

But after the Book Store, we found a distillery which was fantastic. They had such good products. The distillery was just down the road and it’s called Crosscut Distillery. Really nice place with unique decorating. The woman who works there was super nice and it was a terrific place to visit. Lots of wasps flying around being annoying, apparently they also liked the Distillery. We tried a few types, I tried “regular” vodka, then a peppered bacon flavored vodka, and the mocha vodka. We ended up purchasing the mocha vodka, corn whiskey, and aquavit for us and a bottle of bacon flavored for my son. The Mocha Vodka is really tasty, a bit of that on ice and there you go! Just for info, these drinks we tried were literally not even a shot each so we did not over imbibe lol.

Dynamic Earth is an amazing place to visit if you get to Sudbury. We’ve been here a few times and it’s quite interesting. It’s like a big Science Centre and some outdoor things to look at.

Outside Dyamic Earth at the Big Nickel

We ended up at Space Craft brewery and went in and no one was around. Finally a guy came out but didn’t speak to us but then we heard him rambling about a canoe and paddling in space. We figured out later, he was talking about us as he probably saw our canoe on top of our truck. We asked him about beer and he pointed to a fridge in the corner, we looked but it was all other breweries beer. I asked if we could get a sampler tray and he said we would have to buy four bottles from the fridge and he would pour them for us. That is weird, they weren’t even beer from his brewery!

After that we went to 46 North Brewery , they had a lot of seltzer’s and sours which we don’t like but lots of people do. It’s a pretty nice little bar inside. We really only liked the Fair Dinkum IPAs and we bought a growler of it to take back to our trailer. The lady working there was nice and the place was nice so I would recommend it. There were two other breweries we wanted to try but Stack Brewery was closed and Optimist brewery literally just closed down last week, permanently.

So Sudbury is a nice city, I don’t like it as well as Thunder Bay but still, there is a lot to do and see and worth the trip if you are up that way. Next Post is about the last Provincial Park we stayed at, Grundy Lakes Provincial Park, before heading home.

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