Presquile Provincial Park -REVISITED

I posted this just over a year ago.    You may think why would you repost a winter post?  Well it snowed here two days last week so I thought hey why Not?     We did not get out to Presquile Provincial Park in March this year due to the quarantine and also all Ontario Provincial Parks are shut down.  I have not been off my property for a month now so haven’t been doing my photography or going anywhere.  I think we may go for a drive this week, the weather is a lot nicer than last week!

The day we went, which I write about below, was a great day.  I have seen lots of beavers in different places from land and in our canoe,  but none have I seen up close as I did this guy on this day.  Enjoy winter photos from Ontario Canada !


What a great day we had Saturday.  First, the weather was spectacular, I think it was only -8 celsius or thereabouts…………..the sky was so blue and the sun was shining.  Wonderful day to get up at 6 a.m. and go photographing !

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